The Importance of Monthly SEO Reports for Small Businesses

There are rumors saying that SEOs intended for small businesses are getting more and more complicated each day. These are not true for it works the same way round actually. Just recently, it has been said that Google updated the algorithm for ranking. This is termed as the Penguin 2.0. Because of the mentioned undertaking, […]

4 Local SEO Tips for Small Business

Local SEO is very complicated to many people; the guidelines that apply are extremely simple. There are absolutely no fast rules for local SEO and it is genuine hard work and much more of an artwork than a magic bullet. There are specific principles to stick to be able to accomplish this. This local SEO […]

How to 301 Redirect Using 301 Redirect htaccess

301 redirect is a user friendly and efficient way of webpage redirection. A webpage redirection refers to redirecting one webpage or website to another. There are multiple types of URL redirect and one of them is the 301. This redirection can be obtained by the 301 htaccess redirect process. 301 redirects indicate: Moved permanently. Passed […]