Important Domain Extensions and Their Meaning

Domain names are charged according to its popularity, domain name providers also have bids organized online to sell the popular domain names. You have domain names with different kinds of extensions, where these make it easy to recognize what kind of website it is. The Important Domain Name extensions The meaning of the following extensions: […]

How to Buy a Domain Name

The first step that you have to do if you want to create a website is purchasing a good domain name. If you are planning to purchase a domain which has been sold already, you might wonder how much are you suppose to pay for the domain. This is a popular question that is asked […]

Domain Broker – Selling Domain Name

Domain Broker refers to a person who is responsible for helping people through the process of either buying or selling domain names. ┬áThe services offered by brokers are most often sought by people who are not really well versed in the workings of the internet and how to go about the whole process of buying […]