Xolo Mobile Phones Prices in India

The New-Faced Mobile Technology

The modern era, through mind-shattering transitions, has brought us to an age of relative connection. The era of Electronics resulted to a fairly different lifestyle we could ever imagine. The all-new paradigm machinated by the new technologies issues never-before methods of using mobile phones, smart phones and communication devices.

When communication becomes a mere hunger to be sated

These communication devices initially made impact in our lives. Now, the impact is sending ripples. Who’d have thought before that there is more to it than communication itself? Aided with the newly-donned power suit, humans are now looking for means in making life more meaningful. That is why phone manufacturers strived to engineer the smartphone.

The invention of the smartphone substantially illuminated the empowerment of creators in the Electronics era. Beyond communication, the smartphone has ventured areas in the world yet to be discovered.  And the biggest edge yet, is the augmentation and empowerment of India through the high-end XOLO phones.

What potential trends magnified the Xolo mobile phones industry in India?

  • India is a potential market. The economic drama in India gave tell-tale signs of wide market scope and potential. With the advancing economists, manufacturers and business owners decided to establish their company in the heart of the developing city. At the back-drop of it is the latest surge of multinational vying in the country. This palm-sweating industrial game in India was a direct result from local nationalities’ indigenization of their own enterprises. Many multinational companies are in tight competition with the locals. But the Lava mobile company did not see this as a threat. Instead of backing out from the arena, the company influenced multinational stockholders in India through impressive product feats from quality to quantity. Thus, the Lava mobile company made a name, through the Xolo B700 unit, as the best mobile phone industry in India.
  • Now, the Lava Mobile Company tore open their curtains and finally launched the Xolo mobile with their Model B700 in India. An Android-powered smartphone, the Xolo B700 dazzles with superior quality. One of the fix XOLO mobile phone prices in india is Rs. 8,999. To the delight of the consumers, the price is considerably reasonable given the profusion of state-of-the-art technological features.
  • The Xolo is solo as the most durable mobile ever.  Now, sustained by a 3450MAH battery, the mobile assures 363 hours of back-up time, 20 hours of talk time and 38-86 hours of media operations like audio, video and internet activities. The long-running period of the XLOLO B700 owes it to the 1 GHz dual core MediaTek processor. More so, the mobile device operates on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • The other XOLO mobile phones prices in india range from Rs. 8, 000-8,999.00. Depending on which unit you are most interested at, reasonable compensation is priced at each feature embedded on the phone. Nonetheless, the prices are highly negotiable depending on the type of purchase you are setting at. For plans, package pricing can benefit you a lot.

The World in the Palm of Our Hands

And so, at the onset of this revolution of the mobile industry, we no longer see countries as individual parts of the world. Henceforth, we now see the world as it is. The world has become smaller to fit in our palms. But we make sure that the palms that hold the world are those of the gentle ones. We could learn so much of the age of Electronics than we can imagine.

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