Xiaomi Mobile Phones Prices in India

One of the main reasons why Xiaomi mobile brand always tick is because of its top specs in a surprising low prices. If you happen to do your homework, and that is to navigate your laptop and connect to the internet, you will see a lot of videos and different articles and reviews about Xiaomi’s performance and Xiaomi mobile phones prices in India.

For many techy dudes out there who are quite busy spying online and checking out high-end mobile phones and gadgets, Xiaomi mobile phones are pretty too good to be true. Not only that it features a lot of awesome and competitive features and quality display, the storage capacity it offers is relentless, keeping other high-end phones way beyond and behind.

Software capacity

Xiaomi started as a heavily and customized Android ROM and we mean a MIUI built, and this obviously points out the software being the meat of the meal. Many actually accused Xiaomi for being a copycat and stealing MIUI where in fact it is the original maker and the ROM’s creator.

Like other many android phones in China, Xiaomi became a mobile phone superstar in India. Though its services necessarily is unable to adapt the Google type due to local regulations, still it is able to provide same rules with a Jelly bean-based MIUI. Play store app on Xiaomi can be the Xiaomi market app, Google map from Baidu map, or Google search, Youtube and other popular apps from the Mountain View. Even if it lacks an app drawer, still the said smart phone is popular in being highly customizable. Also you can still easily make toggle key as default upon grasping the phone.

Entertaining features

Like other Android phones offer, a Xiaomi phone has everything in it. The only thing that can make it look actually stand out from your old version of Android toggle and display is to make use of its flexibility and customization. In its multimedia bundle, its apps and music are in pretty good case, another thing is that it has an automatic synchronization that would be easy for your to sing along your favorite songs and can also add up the lyrics on it.

Gaming capacity

Another feature to be bragged about is its capacity for a smooth and flawless run through on its gaming pixels and performance. Games that are in huge storage bits inside the phone did not burden its encountering frame that normally drops or freezes the game. An overall great quality and topnotch brand for gaming featured phone.

Camera and performance

The phone offers users the ability to play a full HD video file without any issues and connectivity features of many devices like 2G, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth and many more in standard. The camera it has is being accompanied with a LED flash which is best and easier to use during night time and in a wide-angle lens to cover a wide picturesque area for shooting.


Xiaomi mobile phone prices in India are indeed a game changer. Not only it redefines the smartphone as an entry-level on the mobile phone industry, it also creates a hall of fame benchmark and not all good paper. It is a phone that offers an all-round performance with solid built quality.

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