Videocon Mobile Phones Prices in India

The rise of the Android phones is like a contagious disease which does not only affect a certain area but the whole world especially in India, and why not? Android phones are like the mobile version of the beloved personal computer. They have their own operating system which has a minimum random access memory or RAM of 2 gigabytes; it is as fast as a medium end personal computer. Android phones also come with several necessary drivers for video and sound making it a compact all in one computer. It can also support many applications that are based on the same platform as personal computer applications. The tasks that we normally do in computers like web surfing and text encoding is very much possible in android phones.

Mobile Phones in India

India is a developing country so it is expected that people will adhere to the things that will keep them moving forward like mobile phones and other technologies. Android phones are always first in the list but the classic phones are still in the market like the Videocon V204. Videocon mobile phones in India can range from 3000 to 15000 rupees. Due to India’s economy on roller coaster ride, the prices of mobile phones are fluctuating in this range. The most expensive ones are the high end android and windows phones.

The main downside of android phones is the power consumption. Due to the processes of android phones as it make a specific action the battery tends to drain faster. This makes the android phones one step back from being perfect. Aside from that, android phones are also very vulnerable to digital virus attacks due to its ability to connect to the internet. This can endanger the files inside the drive considering the fact that mobile phones are a lot more personal than personal computers.

This is the main advantage of classic phones. They have a longer battery life because the process that it needs to do when launching an application is not as rigorous as the process being done by android phones. This fact highlights the 2 basic functions of mobile phones; messaging and voice calls. This makes the classic phones the best emergency communication device once the android phones die or lose its security system.

On top of that, classic phones are invincible to digital viruses. This makes classic phones the reliable source when it comes to unlimited communication and communication may have some good features like an FM radio and a durable battery pack. This is the perfect communication tool for emergency purposes. This phone also currently costs 5000 rupees give or take a thousand. This price is less than half of the high end android mobile devices.

The emergency tool for communication is really cheap and if we are talking about emergency communication or even casual communication the Videocon v240 is the best in the market. Videocon mobile prices in India may be fluctuating because of so many factors, but this reliable phone will always stay affordable.

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