Samsung Mobile Phones Prices in India

Samsung has been a key factor in most of the mobile technology’s development in the past years. It is relevant to note that Samsung is an electronics company and that its primary concern is to provide the world with innovative and functional electronic systems. The previous years of Samsung has created a big impact on their company. With innovations on their mobile department, they have started making low end functioning mobile phones that integrates touch and mobility. In addition, these phones are in line with the latest trend in mobile technology and that is the use of the internet on the phone.

Samsung in India

India has been dubbed as a good place for technological use due to its large number of users of mobile phones and the internet. Just like any other place, India has lots of opportunities for technological advancement. With good command of the English language, it is easy to penetrate the market and make products popular for the people. People in India love to look for deals and discounts when it comes to phones. One popular phone brand is Samsung and if you chance upon the internet, you can see a list of Samsung mobile phone prices in India.

Prices for Different Models

This year, it is seen as a good starting point for Samsung in India. Some of the phone models available in the country are the Galaxy S series, the Galaxy S and the Note Series. The highest priced model for the Galaxy series is the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 which is 56,000 Rupee. The lowest priced gadget is the Samsung Galaxy Star S5282 for 4,300 Rupee. Among them, different Samsung phone models are invariably priced.

Upcoming phones in India

A list of Samsung mobile phone prices in India will help you decide which phone to buy depending on your budget. If you are interested on what’s hot in Samsung, you can wait for a bit until these phones come out in the market:

  • Samsung Galaxy Core plus
  • Samsung ATIV S
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 mini SM-G800F
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 7.0 16 GB
  • Samsung Galaxy Star 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha
  • Samsung Galaxy K Zoom SM-C111
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 P5220 32GB

These phone models do not have prices yet, and may have to be confirmed first on the current market stand to know how much it is going to be priced.

Can I still order discontinued Samsung products?

Samsung mobile phone prices in India can be a good way to get the idea of what to buy for the next holiday, but if you prefer to buy discontinued products, it may take time. Some of these discontinued mobile phone models can be ordered online, though. You have to wait for the phone to be delivered straight right to your home and you may have to pay a little over the regular price as you have to convert them to the currency it is being sold at.

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