Panasonic Mobile Phones Prices in India

When it comes to business, competition is always part of the picture. This is the part where a business establishment has to be innovative and creative when it comes to presenting their products and making their products. If they will not do this, other business establishments with the same genre of product will rise and will leave them behind. This may mean the decline of business rate and eventually bankruptcy. The top players in the global market today are the electronics and communications companies. This is because their products are the one in demand in this era – the digital age. These companies are the top producers of mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets like personal computers, laptops and wearable technologies.

Most of the companies that we know are competitors in the electronics and communications market like Samsung, LG, Lenovo and others. Nokia and Panasonic are a bit late when it comes to the competition over the superior android device but they started making a name and they are still growing.

The Hype

The hype of the competition is centered mostly in the US and UK. This also includes the top developing countries like India. This concentration of competition made way for all the companies to enter a country where everyone is a competitor. And it also gave all companies a chance to release their products in the same consumer arena. This also gave the companies a chance to release their new products and test them according to the customer’s point of view. Panasonic mobile phone prices in India is one of the most affordable android phones in the market.

One of the major players who made a great comeback is Panasonic with its newest model the P51 released in October 2013. It is a smartphone that runs in an android operating system. The factory android version is version 4.2 and can be upgraded with newer versions of the android operating system. It has a 4 gigabyte internal memory and an external memory card slot that is upgradable to 32 gigabytes. The P51 has a 1 gigabyte random access memory or RAM with a quad core central processing unit making it one of the fastest android phones in the market.

It is also capable of several connectivity options like EDGE and GPRS connections in the packet data. It can also access the internet using a Wi-Fi connection including a Wi-Fi hotspot to tether the network. It has a mini universal serial bus or USB connection and a Bluetooth chip. The camera features is also one of its main strong points with an 8 megapixel power and autofocus feature. It is capable of geo tagging and face detection. It can play videos in a full high definition level with its 1080p capable screen and camera.

The battery it uses is a lithium Ion mAH battery so that it can last for hours supporting the heavy processes of the operating system. The price of a P51 is not very far from its opponents in the electronics and communication market. Panasonic mobile phone prices in India is very competitive and affordable compared to its counterparts.

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