Mobile Price in India

The importance of owning a mobile phone today is vital to any person in all walks of life. Unlike before when you would have to physically visit a person to send a message; now all one has to do is send a text and the message is sent even if both people are separated by thousands of miles. The mobile phone fad is commonplace anywhere in the world, including India.

The demand for mobile phones in India is large, there is a dozen of companies selling different kinds of mobile phones and turning up a profit. Innovations on the mobile phones such as added features create more demand for the phones and the cycle repeats itself creating a dependency from the customers. Mobile prices in India has a large range all dependent on certain factors: where the phone was purchased, which company developed it, are you buying from the manufacturer or another supplier, when the phone was released, what features it has and many more.

Some popular brands

Several mobile phone companies such as Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, and Sony have released groundbreaking phones. In coming to the Indian Market, they have also diversified to meet the preferences of the people in hopes of turning over a better profit. Samsung, a giant in this business, have been in the Indian market for over 15 years with regular success offering not just mobile phones but a wide range of electronics such as televisions and cooking appliances.

Their presence in the mobile scene is not one to scoff at; producing phones of the highest specs and coming in with a sleek and sexy design, it is no wonder Samsung is only becoming more successful. Offering a wide range of prices from the E2530 at Rs. 3500 to the Galaxy S2, equipped with 3G and a GSM mobile handset coming in at Rs. 20000. Their flexibility in features and pricing entices customers to make a purchase.

Other popular phones are produced by Motorola which gained popularity from the sets of stylish flipphones they released a few years back. Much like Samsung, their phones are varied allowing customers from any financial stratum to purchase their products. The WX260 for instance costs only Rs. 1700, while the Flipout Motoblur comes in at Rs. 15,000.

The last popular manufacturer to be included in the article is Nokia; producing quality phones since the surge of popularity of mobile phones more than 15 years ago. Their phones have come a long way now with the newest N97 mini pricing at around Rs. 25999 and the more inexpensive C5 which costs Rs. 7599.

Not all mobile phones come from the International Manufacturers. Other local companies such as Micromax also compete in the same industry. With versatile pricing and competitive features, only time can tell if they are on their way to the top tiers of phones.

The selection of phones in India is very diverse and if you are looking for a phone, then the right one for you is just around the corner. Don’t fret as the mobile prices in India can accommodate people from all walks of life.

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