LG Mobile Phones Prices in India

LG is one of the leading mobile manufacturers today. But before they created their own mobile gadgets, they were known for making and selling home appliances. But in 2003, the year when mobile phones started to emerge, the company created their first mobile phone. Since then, the firm never stopped creating and innovating their mobile devices.

In India, one of the most in demand cellphone brands is LG. It’s because of the features and styles of the mobile phone are very appealing. If you want to get an LG unit, yet you don’t know which one to buy, then you should read this list of LG Mobile Phones Prices in India.


The first unit that is on the list is the LG G3. This mobile phone comes with Android v4.4.2 KitKat OS. It has a 3GB RAM and a Quad Core Processor. It also has a wide screen with two cameras, one in front and another one at the back. Furthermore, this phone has 3G connectivity and an FM radio. It is powered by the Non-Removable Li-po 3000 mAh and the battery that can last for 19 hours. If you want to get this phone, then you can buy it with a price of Rs. 44300.

LG L90 Dual

The price of this unit starts from Rs. 14205. This mobile device uses an Android v4.4 KitKat OS. Just like the previous LG unit, it has a Quad Core Processor. But the memory capacity of this phone is lower than the LG G3. It only has 1GB RAM. The screen of this phone is quite smaller than the first one. But it has 2 cameras that capture vivid images. It also has 3G connectivity and FM radio. But what makes this phone stand out is its dual SIM feature. This is ideal for entrepreneurs since they don’t need to get two phones just to make transactions or talk with their clients.


If you want a faster internet browsing, then LG G2 4G LTE is for you. This mobile unit can be bought with a starting price of Rs. 39685. This device uses an Android Jelly Bean OS. Compared to other LG units, LG G2 has an HD quality display.  Meaning you can take pictures, watch movies or TV series in high definition. It is like watching them on a plasma TV. The only difference is the size of the screen. As per its battery life, it would last for 18 hours before it dies.

LG Optimus G Pro 2

This unit uses a KitKat OS. It also has a Quad Core Processor feature and 3GB RAM. And just like the G2 4G LTE, the resolution of this phone is in full HD. It uses 3G connectivity for internet access and FM radio just like the others. If you want to get this mobile unit, then you can purchase it in as low as Rs. 32200.

So these are the LG Mobile Phones Prices in India. If you want to get one of these phones, then you should buy them online to get great deals.

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