Lenovo Mobile Phones Prices in India

Lenovo is one of the newest players in the electronics and communications market competition. It has been founded in 1984 as Legend and acquired IBM’s personal computer business and Google’s Motorola business. The starting point of, which is Legend, was in connection to one of the earliest computer companies in the world – IBM. It started back in 1990 and continued its growth until Lenovo acquired full rights on the product in 2005. From then on, Lenovo became one of the biggest players not just in China but all over the world including India.

The First

Lenovo made great achievements during its years but it may have reached its peak back in 2010 when it released its first smartphone, the LePhone. They continued manufacturing smartphones until today and are still major players in the industry when it comes to quality and pricing. Lenovo mobile phone prices in India are within the competitive range and goes along with all other major players in smartphones competition. One of its newest and highly bought smartphones is the Lenovo S880 which was released back in 2012. It is a smartphone that runs on an Android (version 4) operating system. Its central processing unit is powered by a 1 gigahertz Cortex A9 Mediatek chipset.

It has a wide screen touch pad capable of being accessed in three points. In other words it can be controlled by using three fingers. It has a 4 gigabyte internal memory and an external memory card slot that can be upgraded up to 32 gigabytes. Random access memory is set 512 gigabytes. It can also access data connections using multiple points like EDGE, GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connections.

It is also a great media device with its 5 megapixel camera and a 720p video recorder. It also has face detection and geo tagging features. There are little problems when it comes to the battery life because its 2250 Lithium Ion battery can last up to 312 hours stand by and 17 full hours of use. There are many reviews about this handset and the owners seem to be satisfied.

These kinds of handsets are the ones in demand in India right now because of its high end capacities. India as a developing country is a great place to compete in the electronics and communications market especially for Lenovo since it is one of the major players in this side of the business world. One of its strong points aside from the high end handsets are the pricing of each model. Lenovo mobile phone prices in India remains competitive and reasonable considering the up to date specifications of each model like the Lenovo S880.

With all these facts, we can clearly say that even though Lenovo is just more than a decade in the market after its official acquisition of the company, it has already made several stepping stones towards a promising future. It is safe then, to assume that Lenovo is creating the next technological advancements not just in their smartphones but with all their gadgets right now.

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