Lemon Mobile Phones Prices in India

Among the new and upcoming mobile developers at India, one of the most competitive and renowned within their country is Lemon Mobile. This mobile and technology corporation manufactures high-quality and durable telephone technologies as well with wireless solutions. As of present time, the corporation concentrates upon the R&D exhaustive, which is being led through a ground-breaking visualization. Even though the competition is tight in this industry, Lemon was able to withstand the pressure, and furthermore enhances and develops their products to its ultimate structure to better service their loyal customers.

Keeping Up with Competition

It was in 2008 when Lemon was established and is fast-growing as their products are gaining great reviews from users. What’s more, Lemon does not lack the style and innovative approach for their merchandises, and users are enjoying the idea that they have a vast choices of mobile phones to choose from that will suit their lifestyle and taste. The strategic idealism from the big bosses of the company, namely Mr. Sandeep Mushran and Mr. Gopal Kalra was highly efficient, especially since they are richly experienced with the telecom industry and has an eye for the trends in the technology market.

Are the Lemon mobile phones prices and rates not too pocket risky? Here are a list of the corporation’s bestsellers and see the specifications of the mobile phones too. The first on our list for Lemon mobile phones prices in India is Lemon B149. The specs for B149 are GSM phone, accommodates dual sim, the screen size is 1.8 inches and it has its own camera with 1.3MP for only Rs. 949. The next mobile from this astounding mobile enterprise is the B599, it is a GSM Phone, also houses dual sim advantage, has 2.4 inches screen, with 1.3MP camera, an added bonus would be you can put in expandable memory of 16GB, all for Rs. 1,499.

Another group of rates for Lemon Mobile phones prices in India are the well-enhanced and technologically improved smartphones. The Lemon P7 is one of the most affordable smartphones brought to the company for their fellow countrymen with the price rate of Rs. 3999, and here are the specifications of P7, 3G Phone: Android OS v2.3 (Ginger Bread), dual sim compatible, the screen is 3.5 inches, with two cameras secondary is 0.3MP while the primary offers 3.2MP, the memory is expandable up to 32GB. And the significantly favored and the best seller in the smartphone category is Lemon P100 for only Rs. 5,399. The specs of P100 are as follows: the screen size if 4.3 inches, with two cameras the secondary 0.3MP, primary is 8MP, still with expandable memory of up to 32GB, connects with 3G and WiFi, has USB connectivity, powered by Android OS v4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and Dual Core Processor.

The truth is, Lemon Mobile has tons of bestselling phones their countrymen would be thrilled to get their hands on. For more information about the mobile phone’s rates and specifications, you are more than welcome to visit the official website.

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