Lava Mobile Phones Prices in India

With the mobile phone fad in full swing, numerous mobile phone brands are cropping up to meet with the seemingly endless demand for mobile phones. With new features being introduced almost every month, there is no end to the human need for an edgier and technologically superior mobile phone. Such is the case in India where consumption of mobile phones is getting higher every year and the demand for such is very high.

There are numerous mobile phone brands available in the market such as HTC, Sony, and LG. One such company is Lava mobile. Lava mobile phones prices in India is hitting the market hard. With a combination of affordable prices and good specs; it is a very affordable phone.

Some of the many features of this mobile phone are high resolution cameras and video capture. Most equipped with an FM player and Media player and dozens of connectivity options to boot such as GPRS, Bluetooth and even EDGE. Additionally, with the high demand of dual sim capable phones in the market today, the USP of Lava phones are dual sim capable mobiles.


Lava International private Limited began its market entry with four different models of mobile phones. These mid-range mobile phones namely: KKT1, KKT11, KKT12 and KKT22 had several features integrated to the phone. Among these are dual sim capabilities and dual sim standby, digital camera, dual charging points and an installed FM Radio. It also featured a micro SD of up to 5 gigabytes, is Bluetooth capable and sports lithium ion batteries among others.

Nowadays, competition in the mobile phone scene is fierce. With plenty of established brands such as HTC, Nokia, and Samsung, keeping up with the competition and possibly rising over it is hard to project. Only the test of time can tell.

Although, with the amount of features it is equipped with and still being at a reasonable price, Lava mobile may just stand a fighting chance and compete equally with the other brands. Having additional features such as GSM mobile handset equipped and a 65K TFT display with a 128 x 160 display may mean they are in good condition.

Much like the other phones in the market today, its factory 8gb memory is expandable. It is also equipped with the needed wireless technology such as GPRS, Bluetooth, and WAP means it is among the standard smart phones available. These features along with a simple look make their phones a good buy.

Lava mobile phones prices in India range from around Rs. 2599 to Rs. 3850, clearly aiming for an entry level setup. The price and features are modest, yet have most of the minimum requirements to call it an adequate smart phone. Although criticized for its simple look and not-so-creative design, only the market can determine their actual success. It could be that the low prices trump the modest features and make it a hit among the customers. If you want to learn more, then it is suggested that you do more research on this particular phone.

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