Karbonn Mobile Phones Prices in India

It is amazing how the world of cellular phones have moved forward through the years. They actually started with large radio phones, then beepers, then phones and then the high end android phones. Some of these models have been out of commission for many years now but some of them still work. Many of the non-android phones are still in the market especially in India.

India is a developing country. And that is why the technology in that place is coming to rise yet some of the older models are still in the market. Many of the electronic and communication companies there like Karbonn are still manufacturing low end phones like the Karbonn K433. It is a wrong notion that these low end phones are not a good product to sell in the electronics and communication market anymore due to the emergence of android. These phones are actually preferred by many of the Indian consumers because of its basic features.

The Classics

Karbonn mobile phonse prices in India can be considered cheap. This is the first reason why they are still in the market. Many of the Indian consumers are average earners so buying a high end android phone is just not practical. As a developing country, the economy of India cannot reflect a high income status for most of its people in contrast to the fact that it is one of the top grossers of Gross Domestic Product or GDP in 2013. Aside from that fact, these mobile phones are every reliable when it comes to communication.

These phones have certain qualities like a dual SIM stand by feature, 0.1 megapixel cameras, external memory extension of 2 gigabytes, a soft touch pad, and a very long lasting battery life. These features are the basic and most fundamental features of a cellular phone that is why these phones can be considered a classic.

Android users can find a common problem in their phones and that is the low battery life. This is because android phones are like computers; they require a rigorous software process in order to do a task. This can eat so much of the battery making the phone less reliable when it comes to communication. The classics like the Karbonn k433 can last up to 9 hours of straight use and 10 hours on standby. Android phones just can’t do that.

The features of a low end phones can be the things that a person is looking for in the functionality aspect. It is reliable during emergencies and they can do the basic messaging and voice call systems. Businessmen who are always on the go prefer these kinds of phones because of the battery life.

Low end phones may not be capable of creating an all in one compact device, but they are still conforming to the basic idea of being a cellphone and that is for communication. On top of that, Karbonn mobile phones prices in India are really affordable considering their features and they are preferred by the Indian community because they are the most practical communication device they can use.

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