Gionee Mobile Phones Prices in India

The bursting industry of smartphones and technological enhanced gadgets is evident. And not just because of the annual gross sales cellphone companies acquire, but moreover, people all over the world are entirely attached to cellular phones. Could it be because these smart and handy gadgets offer them the chance to enjoy music, watch videos, connect to the internet and chat at social media websites? Or plainly due to the fact that cell phones are made specifically to get in touch and connected to your family, friends and loved ones? Everyone have their own reasons why they purchase mobile phones, and telephone enterprises make it a point to meet the demand of their customers, from style, design to features.

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India is a country that’s been very much accommodating to the industry of telecommunications and technology. Indians are an intellectual race and have the aptitude to analyze which technological gizmos offers great use to them, and as of the moment, Gionee Communications Equipment Co. Ltd was able to grasp the Indians’ thirst for innovation and modernism. Gionee has a franchise at India due to India’s acceptance to their products, and here you’ll get a chance to read why the Gionee mobile phones prices in India and features will shock you.

It is true that every person has their own taste, just like with choosing a cellular phone. For individuals who require a mobile phone for its sole purpose, they’d certainly appreciate the Gionee Long L700. The Long L700 is a GSM phone; the screen is 2.6 inches with resolution of QVGA 320×240 Pixels. The camera is quite nice for 1.3MP and can record videos. The internal memory of Long L700 isn’t that big that’s why it is advised to purchase a memory card and enjoy expandable memory of up to 16GB, all of this can be yours for only Rs. 1,749 (exclusive of memory card). Do you want an android Gionee mobile phone? How about the Gionee P1, the screen’s 3.5 inches and resolution HVGA 320×480 Pixels, it has two cameras, primary is 2MP while secondary’s 0.3MP and video recording is available. Powered by Android v2.3 (Ginger Bread) and WAP 2.0, and easily connects to GPRS, EDGE, WIFI for only Rs. 4,190.

Another smartphone from Gionee that’s often searched at Gionee mobile phones prices in India is the Pioneer P2. For Rs.6,200 you’ll get a certified 3G Phone, the OS is also power-driven by Android, accommodates dual sim, the screen is 4 inches in size, the camera is 5MP and the processor is Dual Core.

These days, you no longer have to visit stalls and stores at your favorite malls whenever you wish to check out new mobile phones from Gionee. You are able to check the latest models from their website or visit a site which administers selling Gionee in an online procedure. Within these sites you’ll be provided better scope and reviews are given as well. One can enjoy different features at reasonable prices in a Gionee mobile phone.

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