Fly Mobile Phones Prices in India

Fly mobile is one of the electronics and communication companies that are making its name in the United Kingdom and other nearby countries like India. It started back in 2003 in London. They first created several mobile devices that are always up to date when it comes to design, style, processors and many other features. Fly mobile phones also started releasing smartphones in the recent years among with its competitors. The pricing is both competitive and affordable. Fly mobile phones prices in India can be considered as one of the most affordable mobile phones considering the features.

Fly Linkz

Fly mobile also released one of its new models called the Fly Linkz. It is mainly released in India in the recent years and it is very popular to students and office workers. This mobile phone does not come with an android processor but the features are close to that of a smartphone. Fly Linkz is a touch screen, dual SIM model that works in a quad band GSM. This makes the Fly Linkz the perfect mobile device when it comes to multiple communication activities and reliable signal system. It also comes with a 3.2 inch display with an easy touch, touch screen system with a 2 megapixel camera capable of video recording features. The external memory system can also be upgraded up to 8 gigabytes making it a perfect choice for media purposes. The mp3 player comes with a universal 3.5 mm jack plug that can access the 8 gigabyte external memory and the 10 megabyte internal memory.

Fly Linkz is also capable of connecting with social networking sites like facebook and twitter by using an application called “nimbuzz”. This allows the mobile phone to be connected even if does not have the capability to be connected to the internet through wifi. By using its GPRS class 12 and WAP 2.0 feature the phone can access many social networking sites including search engines powered by Opera Mini. The battery system is also very reliable. It can be used up to 5 hours with continuous use. Java is the main software that runs the Fly Linkz. This makes the model a very reliable handset with a quick response time.

This handset may not be the high end android phone that is currently surging the market, but considering all its features this Fly Linkz can be the perfect communication device with its reliable signal system and multiple messaging features; plus the ability to be connected through multiple social networking sites. On top of that this handset is also a good source of media functions.

Fly mobile phones prices in India especially the Fly Linkz can be considered as one of the most affordable mobile phones considering all the features it can offer. The company itself is making sure that the handsets are made with quality so they are durable and reliable. Top that with a very affordable price, this handset can be the perfect tool for communication for students, workers and other people who always want to stay connected with their loved ones or people around them.

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