Celkon Mobile Phones Prices in India

The market for mobile phones is evidently not backing down from any form of crisis the economy might be facing. This is due to the fact that acquiring a cellular phone is important. With a mobile phone at hand, no matter where you are in the world, you can reach easily through text messages or contacted without hassle. Another matter that’s admirable about the market for mobile cellular phones is that cellphone companies are expanding and manufacturing phones for their own country. This is an indication that technology is truly successful especially at India.

Evolving with the Telecommunications Industry

As of these days, one of the leading technological manufacturing companies in India is Celkon and is based at Hyderabad. Celkon does not only manufacture and develop smartphones but also administers tablets and personal computers, as well with wireless technologies and solutions. Y. Guru is at the moment the managing director for Celkon, and the company makes certain that the Celkon mobile phones prices in India are attainable for their fellow countrymen. The company firmly believes that for each and every Indian national, there is a mobile phone that would fit their personality and lifestyle, and Celkon works hard to supply the demands of their loyal customers.

The Celkon mobile phone prices in India differ depending on the type of cellular phone the buyer would wish to purchase. For example, there are people who only want to buy a phone for the sake of texts and calls, so the Celkon C18 is being offered for the price of Rs. 1,399. The C18 is a GSM phone, dual sim, with a 2.4 inch screen and has its own camera of 0.3MP. Not bad for a regular cellular phone right? For those individuals who like their mobile phones updated and upgraded to take high-quality pictures, be able to browse through the internet, or be capable of playing games on their phones, Celkon has a number of featured phones too. The Celkon Campus A125 is at the moment one of the hottest smartphone in India, and the specifications magnify the reasons why. The Campus A125 is a 3G phone, Android OS v4.2.2 or Jellybean, the processor is 1.3 Cortex and Dual Core, Dual Sim, with a wide screen of 4.5 inches, taking pictures would be awesome since it has 5MP camera and all these features for the price of Rs. 5,299 only.

But for most Celkon fans who adore high-technology smartphones, they only have commendable approbation and esteem for the Signature HD A119. And here are the specifications of Signature HD: a powerful 3G phone, internal memory of 4GB and expandable up to 32GB, Android OS v4.1 (Jellybean), the processor is 1 GHz Dual Core, a screen of 5 inches wide equipped with 12MP camera for the price of Rs. 9,530.

Celkon has a lot more mobile products to choose from and the prices are pocket-friendly too. So each and every Indian citizen can connect, call and text their family, friends and loved ones with ease and precision.

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