Asus Mobile Phones Prices in India

Asus mobile phones have gone far beyond just mobile phones. In the recent years the Asus Company produced many models of mobile handsets with different specifications. Mobile phones with android operating systems are one of the most popular models. They have produced jellybean processors and kitkat processors that was a total success in the electronics and communications market. Asus mobile phone prices in India can be considered affordable and reasonable considering the high end specifications. On top of that, Asus also produced tablets with android processors. These tablets can be used in many different ways including GSM communication the same with that of its mobile phones. They are released in many countries with its legal retail stores including India.

Asus R2E

Asus R2e is a model released in the recent years gained fame before the total rise of android phones and tablets. This is a compact handheld device with personal computer specifications. The specifications are very close with that of a normal laptop with a touch screen interface and other advanced features. This is one of the earliest versions of mobile PC and tablets. This device comes with an Intel A110Stealy processor. The operating system can accommodate up to the latest version of windows vista including lower versions. Some of the units are made with an Ubuntu and Linux operating systems.

It has a 7 inch touch screen display with 800 by 400 surface area. This is a lightweight device with the maximum weight of less than a kilogram. The Random Access Memory or Ram can be upgradable to 2 gigabytes, the factory default RAM is 1 gigabyte making the Asus R2E compete with the speed of a medium end computer. The hard disk is 80 to 100 gigabytes that comes with the necessary drivers for sound and video. It is also capable of connecting to the internet using a Wi-Fi connection or a hard wire connection.

The manufacturers made this device the perfect portable PC for the people who are always on the go. This device can perform all the tasks that a normal personal computer can do. On top of that, this device includes a fingerprint scanner in order to add to the security. There are few to no devices that are famous today with a fingerprint scanner, making the Asus R2E one of the best handheld personal computers in the market.

Importance of Mobility and Security

In today’s digital world, one of the major requirements is being able to go mobile. There are many jobs that require mobility and so devices that can go mobile are one of the essential tools. Security is also a major aspect because of the high risks of information leak in the internet. The Asus R2E can be one of the major competitors in the market. This device can battle the most recent handheld devices because of its security and high compatibility features.

The price is also very reasonable for both the R2E model and the android devices. Asus mobile phone prices in India will not go higher than 20000 rupees. And the R2E model can compete with the prices of high end computers in the worldwide electronics and communication market.

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