Acer Mobile Phones Prices in India

With dozens of mobile phone brands available today to meet the influx of customer demand; people ask, what brand should they go for? The mobile phone giants such as Samsung, Nokia and Apple are just some of the possible choices.

Mobile phones: the phenomenon

Mobile phones have turned into a fad in recent times. More than just an accessory or a luxury, it has become a necessity. People have become much too accustomed to being always connected that having a phone is only elementary. All around the globe, the same phenomenon is occurring, India is no exception. Every year, the sales of mobile phones are going up and demand is seemingly limitless since a new innovation is introduced every few months.

Acer is a popular phone in India and all over the world. Acer mobile phones prices in India, much like anywhere else on the planet, is fully dependent on the features they come with and the release date. Prices may range from Rs. 4999 for the E110 to as high as Rs 32500 for the F1 Neotouch. This article will discuss some of the Acer phones available in the market today and the features they come with.

Acer Mobile

Advancement in technology has enabled phones to have a few nifty enhancements added to them such as the Acer M900 which is also equipped with a sliding keyboard for those not comfortable with the on-screen one. The Acer M900 has an excellent e-mailing checking service and is even equipped with a fingerprint scanner for added security.

This feature is designed as another layer of security for your data, you wouldn’t have to worry about someone else digging for files on your phone since it would only unlock when you are the one touching it. With a 3.8 inch WGA touch screen and an operating system of windows 6.1, this top of the line mobile is worth every penny.

Another high quality phone by Acer mobile is the F900. Included in the smart phones list due to its high performance and superb style, this phone is truly an innovation among phones and a work of art. With an easy-to-use interface that’s akin to that of using a desktop, a 3.8 inch screen and a virtual keyboard, this phone is an excellent one for businessmen who are always on the go and have to check some files online every few minutes.

The last phone to be discussed is the DX900 which was launched only recently. Clearly, Acer is bringing their A game in every phone that they release. With the demand for dual sim phones at an all time high, Acer also released their own dual sim capable phone, the DX900. This allows you to regularly check updates on your business and your personal life.

If you are having difficulty choosing a phone, then it is suggested that you do additional research and find out the features you want for a phone. It is also suggested that you research more about Acer. Acer mobile phone prices in India may go from mid-range to high costing, but the amount of features present outweighs the cons.

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