The Powers of Network Security Key

The internet as we know it today has a rich history. It was created by scientists from the European Organization for Nuclear Research as a tool for data sharing. They need the internet because they cannot carry file folders by hand in this massive facility. This facility houses the Large Hadron Collider which has a circumference of 27 kilometers buried 100 meters underground, so carrying folders around will be time consuming. And let us not forget the fact that this facility is mainly created for the LHC so all the data it could produce will be processed in another laboratory, usually in another country like the US or Japan. They created the World Wide Web as a single network that could transfer data at the speed of 600 mb/s in order to process the produced data as soon as possible.

The people who work in CERN are divided by teams and each team has to produce their own data including statistics. All these teams use the same network in order to send and receive data. You have to understand that all unprocessed data is considered classified; most of the times these data remains classified even after they are processed. So it is important for each team to create a sub network inside the main network that only they can access. To put it in simpler terms, it’s like a house with several rooms. Each room is a sub network that only specific individuals may enter and the whole house is the internet.

How do they prevent others from accessing their sub network?

These teams have to protect their data so they created their own virtual security. This type of security can only be accessed with a key. This is called a Network Security Key. This type of technology helps the users to prevent others from garnering data from other team’s findings.

The birth of the internet

The 30th of April 1993 is a date to be remembered, because this is the date when CERN declared the free use of the internet. This does not mean that anybody could access the data that CERN produced; it just means that anybody could use the internet to transfer data. You might be asking how this could be possible, since the whole world does not have access to the facilities needed to connect to the internet. It’s actually simple. CERN used the wire buried under the sea in order to connect the whole world to the internet. These underground wirings were placed underground back in world war one as a tool for soldiers off shore to communicate with each other. And your internet service providers or ISPs are the ones responsible for connecting us to this network.

After that, many websites were created; they are still tools for many people to transfer data. It grew almost exponentially up to this date and it is still growing as of the moment. Now internet is not just a tool to transfer scientific findings, now it is many things combined in one, but it is still dependent on the old definition of transferring data.

Many of these websites that were created contain several different types of authentication or Network Security Key in order to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Just imagine what could happen if you credit card number has been known and used because someone accessed your online credit card account. Or what if somebody accessed your Facebook and sent so many damaging messages to your friends and families. This is how important and powerful a Network Security Key is.

A network security key is basically a password. In cases where dangerous information is being kept, like laboratories or government facilities, the type of password is different. It could be a retinal scan, fingerprint scan or both.

People have many ways in identifying network security key. They could install a virus by sending it to your email, they could guess it, and they could crack it using software that they have to create. But this does not mean that they are all too powerful and cannot be stopped

Keeping Network Security Keys unbreakable

In order to prevent these people, whom we call hackers, you have to create a strong password. The password should not be the kind that could easily be guessed like your birthday, address or your kid’s name. You should be more creative than that. Try mixing numbers and special characters to the letters. This way there are more possibilities so the chances of other people guessing your password would be slim. Most passwords are also case sensitive. This means that lower case and upper case letters matter. If the wrong case is used in a certain letter, even if it’s just a single letter then the person trying to open it will not be given access.

Change your passwords regularly. This way the hackers will not see a pattern and cannot crack the network security key because it will be changed at the moment they are making progress. Also be careful with what you download and the emails that you receive. Most of the times, emails contain a significant number of malicious software or malware.

The most important thing to remember is not to upload any sensitive information about you in a website that you just heard of. Make sure that it is legitimate and you have a good reason to sign up to it. Be careful with what you upload in the internet, because anything in it that other people can see could be used against you. They might force you to do something in exchange of certain information.

This is the age when information rules and decides who would be powerful. We may not be threatened by any mad man carrying a sword or commanding armies but that does not mean that we are not facing any danger. Since the digital age begun people who chose to take advantage over other people’s weakness also went digital. Protecting ourselves, especially that there are a lot of information that could be used against us, is a must.

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