Top 10+ Best Hot Job Sites In India

There are 2 thinks most Indian parents are obsessed with for their wards, getting them get good education in a field that promises well-paying jobs in India. With a population of 1.2 billion people, around 10 million enter the workforce every year. Also employees of the existing work force are also on the contact search for a better paying job or one that meets both their aspirational as well as satisfying needs. Jobs not only provide monetary fulfilment but only dignity as well as individual development.

Prior to the arrival of the internet, searching for jobs was a bit of a cumbersome process. Apart from campus recruitment that hired the best talent, one had a shot at a good job either having a strong network to get to the desired job or had to diligently depend upon the classifieds for that dream job. Seeing this vacuum that existing in recruitment process, agencies sprang up that matched the desired talent to the vacancies in the companies they represented.

Well as we know the internet just turned around this traditional method of getting to the desired jobs in India topsy-turvy. Suddenly job seekers were able to search in a larger job database and recruiters had a vastly larger talent pool to choose from.

Like any other online opportunities, Job sites in India sprang up dime a dozen. We had existing recruitment majors putting up their portals. We also had totally new outfits put up professional portals and expanding the space. Foreign agencies also opened sites catering to the Indian market. But like everything on the internet, there exists a grey area which may be populated by fly by night agencies or agencies trying every method to hit the big time thereby either selling talent data, spamming the user or inciting the user to part with cash for certain services that are vigorously pushed.

Some of the best job sites in India are listed below:

This is undoubtedly one of the top job sites in India. Established in early 1997 as a flagship brand of Noida based Info Edge India, it happened to be the first Indian Internet company to be listed. Although an early player, it has managed to maintain a lead over all its competitors and has phenomenal mindshare among job seekers as well as recruiters. Going by the internet traffic rankings, it is certainly as it claims – India’s No 1 Job site.

Part of the Times of India Online Media group, it was a natural progression from the still very popular weekly job supplement in the Times of India newspaper to an online portal. Established in 2004, in spite of being a late entrant, has captured a substantial part of the job market. They offer very lucrative annual contracts with companies for their manpower needs and have a database that is as comparable as With the media behemoth behind it, it is certainly targeting itself to be at the top of the top job sites in India.

New York based is the world’s largest job site in the world. The Indian version of the website was launched in 2003. It is the third most popular job seeking website in India today. Apart from database search, on offer are additional services to job seeker for an additional fee.

This employment portal is owned by the Hindustan Times media group. Apart from providing its database job and candidate listing services, it also actively seeks to provided job search related services to job seekers. These services are resume writing, prioritizing candidate list ranking for company recruiters searches. While not on top of the mind recall as the other top three, it does offer a sizeable database considering that it also a natural extension of its classified based job search. It has recently tied with the Telecom Sector Skills Council to provide aspiring telecom professionals with training, assessment and hiring.

Other top job sites are job listing aggregators. What these sites basically do is that for a particular input query it searches across the various job sites, therefore giving benefit to the job seeker of aggregating job listings. This saves the job seeker a lot of time. The downside to using job aggregators is that as jobs are posted across multiple portals there is bound to be duplication. Also ad revenue is the only source of income for these websites since they only provide links to the jobs posted and therefore the users has to put up with this. It is important that the job seekers gives as many specifics as they can, else they will have a very long list to search through.

Some of the Job aggregator sites in India are:

  1. – The one that started it all

As we have seen that job sites in India are doing very well considering the vast numbers of Indians entering the job market and this is only set to grow in the future.

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