Facts and Tips That You Should Know Before The Release of iPhone 6

Mobile technology is a booming industry on this modern generation. There are millions of people who depend on their mobile devices just to get in touch with their loved ones and do business deals and transactions in a faster and more efficient manner. If you do not join the mobile technology bandwagon, you are not only loosing the great advantage of faster communication but you are also missing the opportunity to make your business more progressive in terms of available technology and business solutions.

The Great Value Iphone Devices Offer

When it comes to the slickest and high quality line of mobile devices, Apple Company is definitely on the A-list. There are lots of mobile users who would want to spend a higher amount of money just to buy the latest model of Iphone devices because of the high quality it offers. Who would not want to see their mobile device working longer than they have expected? And who would not want their mobile phone to have the greatest advantage when it comes to features and designs?

Rumors about the official release of Iphone6, the newest in the roster of Iphone devices are starting to come out in the internet community. Many mobile technology experts and instigators state that this latest mobile device is expected to be introduced officially to the public on the 1st week of September.

Before you take a peek of Iphone6 in the mobile market, you should know these different facts and tips that we are about to share about Iphone devices in general. If you own this kind of device, there might be certain things that you have not explored yet on this handy device that you will just learn now. Read on.

Airplane Mode

Have you recently checked this button on your Iphone? Do you know how it works? Are you also aware that though the button label indicates that it should be set during a flight or air travel, you can still use this button when you need emergency charging?

Setting your phone to airplane mode can make it regain its battery twice as fast compared when you set it to normal charging mode.

Siri can Save Your Day

Do you know that Siri can help you save a busy day? Just say the magic words “read my email” and let Siri handle the rest for you. You can also ask Siri about your most recent message and let her call a specific name on your contact list.

Siri can also help you improve your vocabulary which is something helpful out of the content and features of your mobile device.

Music and Timer

You can also set a timer that can let you play the music you want and shut them off after a certain period of time. Falling asleep while listening to great sounds is just a usual scene often encountered by many.

Text Time Stamp

Each message you store on your inbox can reveal their individual time stamps. This means you can easily check the duration you composed the message before sending it.

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