Essential Tips on Replacing Your HP G60 Battery

No matter how much care and perfect we treat our laptop battery like hp g60 battery, there will still be the time that it will eventually die and in need to be replaced. Though many laptop owners are lucky enough to have a laptop die than battery first, but then it is still unavoidable if a laptop battery dies for some reasons.

A laptop battery’s death are not always predictable and often argues with a lot of issues like outside or inside problems, a good thing about an updated laptop is that its windows will warn or inform you that the battery reaches a very low in capacity, but then thanks to the plug, it can still be used but no longer in convenient when in travelling use.

Computer OS will warn you

For many lucky windows user out there, if your operating system is updated, it would be very easy for it to warn you if your laptop battery is slowly in a poor battery capacity. But if the operating system is not that updated, it will not warn you yet, it can only update you when the battery reaches the lowest capacity and eventually you will observe a red X appearing on the standard battery icon on your laptop’s system tray. Another display it produces is the message telling you to “consider replacing your battery”.  And the last part would be, it will eventually shut down if not responded on quickly, and this means to check your battery for any signs of problem or the laptop battery can no longer hold enough charge into the power source of your laptop.

Assessing the laptop’s battery capacity

If the system already informed you about the warning on the battery just like hp g60 battery, keep in mind to check the battery information first before you consider replacing the laptop battery. Upon checking such information, you need to check out the “Battery Info View” where you will be able to see the battery’s life, level of approximate, capacity and other essential laptop battery settings and so on and so forth.

How calibration helps

Once you are able to assess and compare and navigate well on your laptop battery information, you need to check first if the battery requires proper and complete calibration. Windows system doesn’t have the capacity to do it since the systems only task was to monitor and secure the settings and process of the operation of your laptop, but then again calibrating is another manual setting where one must be able to master. After you calibrated, you can check again if there are any changes that occur or if the same problem existed with no changes after the calibration. Always keep in mind to calibrate everything first before you consider replacing a battery in order to prevent wasting money for buying a new one over a battery that was unable to detect it’s (still) in good shape.

Why the laptop battery declines

There are actually a lot of factors why a laptop battery declines for some time. Factors like heat, usage and its length of age which is always bad for a laptop battery like hp g60 battery. Even if you keep it on a drawer untouched, use it or not, still the battery life will eventually decline and lose its capacity due to age. But if you wish to use it on a plug, which is bad for the battery being used at the same time, removing the battery while charging it on the plug will help prolong its life and eventually help the battery to last longer than expected.

Tips of replacing the battery

Once you are able to diagnose and check that the laptop battery is in need to be replaced then make sure you bought an original battery on a user-serviceable battery center. Another thing to keep in mind is to prevent buying online batteries that are not officially come from the company provider. This is to help prevent damaging your laptop or worse, literally flame up your laptop from improperly designed battery on your gadget.  Another thing is that, take it easy over the battery, since it was designed to use after all, still it is something to always keep an eye on it and to take good care of it through treating your battery like your own and prevent it from further damage in the future.

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