Facts to Know about HDMI 1.4

HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface is a cable which allows major Electronic manufacturers to get components found in one’s home entertainment system to be transmitted with high-definition video as well as audio.

Why should a person purchase HDMI?

For starters, having HDMI instead of other cables which purpose is also to interconnect different devices, HDMI help eliminate the complex process that happens between the transmission of digital information to HDTV’s. In addition to that, unlike other transferred files, the usage of HDMI will allow the users to enjoy the same quality of video, image, and audio files to keep the audience happy. Moreover, once you use HDMI, instead of plugging in different cables for audio and video every information travels through the cable allowing it to get both the audio and video in one flawless motion eliminating hassle and inconvenience.

HDMI 1.4 and its quirks

Just like any other devices, the creator of HDMI had made it a point to keep on updating the features of its product and as of know it had released its newest and most popular version, HDMI 1.4. This HDMI includes an integrated Ethernet cable which therefore allows users to transfer information with full Ethernet speed that extends up to 100mbps. In addition to that, once you have this HDMI, you will be able to share your internet connection with other HDMI devices, sharing its connection and other details as well.

For persons who are very much concerned with the resolution of videos and images, you will surely enjoy the capability of this HDMI to support videos and images which has extremely high HD resolution. Currently it supports the 4K x 2K resolution which has four time greater pixel perfection than that of the 1080p resolution. Also the colors are very vivid since it provides extended support to give images and videos its accurate color that makes it more realistic.

Dual-stream support for 1080p and audio return channel is also an additional feature offered by HDMI 1.4 however if you are the kind of person who believes about the saying to see is to believe then you can go to stores which already has this new release of HDMI cable and ask them to let you see the sample of the features being presented above.

You should be able to know that since this is a new release there is a big tendency that the price of this product is still at its peak. If you can wait, then wait a little longer until the price subsides or if you can already purchase it at a discounted price so that you will not be too much burdened by the cost. However if you really are that excited to get it then you could always buy it from electronics store because anyway you are rest assured that the money which you will be spending on the cable will be worth it for it could bring your viewing and listening experience to the next level.

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