5 Essential Upgraded Features You Need to Know about HDMI 1.3

Many people often not notice it but HDMI is also important when you purchase a great quality-picture TV, such as plasma or even LED TV type. To some cable installers, they usually do not include this since they usually offer it with component cables than including HDMI boxes on it. You might not know it but having an HDMI 1.3 has a more picture-quality difference than normal component cables offered. Though the component cables also works with quality, many tech-savvy individuals offer HDMI more efficiently because of its higher quality and less cluttered if used with a single connector instead of five ones.

Another thing is that compatibility from other parts may also be a concern since there are ones who demand an HDMI for versions with 3D, for Ethernet data connection and other things that help improve audio and video capacity, performance and resolution. To those who are not yet familiar, HDMI also means High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and it is made as a compact audio/video interface that is used for transferring uncompressed data of video and audio from any HDMI-complaint sources. This thing actually helps make things connect and aid to become more compatible from other existing analog video standards. It also acts as a digital replacement in order to help implement the standards of a required format.

Upgraded specifications

The thing you need to know about HDMI 1.3 is that it was released last June 2006 and offers ideal specifications. Since a lot of versions come up, all it aims to help increase its overall functionality and meet above needs of the High-Definition marketplace.

Higher speed bandwidth

The newer version 1.3 has this single-link bandwidth from 165MHz to 340MHz or in 10.2gbps which was created to help support the demands of a higher-quality and definition picturesque display of devices such as the Deep Color and to further aid in technical foundation which actually helps in reaching a significant higher speed needs.

With an incorporated automatic audio “lip” syncing capability

Since many consumer electrics are readily using complex digital signals, the lip sync actually helps enhance the clarity and detail content of the audio and video synchronization. From this the HDMI 1.3 has greatly incorporated such capability to surely perform to majority of the device a great performance and total accuracy.

Broad and more colored space

The said version 1.3 also magnifies its support in option, where it also enables the picture display with a more natural and vivid colors and with 10-bit, 12-bit and 16-bit, and also on “deep-color” per channel up to 8-bit.

With available in type C “mini” connector device

HDTV’s and HDMI version 1.3 also offers a smaller form of portable device such as camcorders and still cameras, where it can be connected for a seamless connectivity.

Lossless audio formats

Since HDMI version 1.3 also offers high-bandwidth digital audio and other compressed formats like Dolby Digital and DTS, they also currently came along in supporting lossless additional support for the same audio format on Dolby HD and DTS HD, making it smoother and with typical improvement of 8 times more.

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