3 Basic Things to Know About Ethernet Cable

There are a lot of people who are asking on what an Ethernet cable is as this is something new for most of them. But, the truth is, you have been using this kind of cable ever since you get in touch with the use of the internet in your house. Yes, that is right; this cable refers to one of the most used forms of network cables that we are using when we are connecting to wire internet networks and if you are using a desktop computer, you can check this cable connected in your CPU board.

This cable is the one that is responsible in connecting different devices on available local area networks which may include the switches, routers and PCs. But, aside from that, there are more things for you to know about the use of Ethernet cable which may include the different types of it, its limitations and possible alternatives that you can have. To know more about it, check the following information below.

The Different Types of Ethernet Network Cables

Most of this kind of cables would support one or even more of the standards in the industry such as the CAT 6 or the Category 6 and the CAT 5 or the Category 5. One of the types of this kind of cable refers to us as the crossover cable which is a special kind. This kind of cable is designed in order for a user to connect a computer on the switch or a router.

However, these kinds of cables are known to be manufactured physically in two basic look, the stranded and the solid one. There is a big difference between the two that you have to know and you can check it below:

  • Stranded cables – the stranded cables are not prone to having any cracks or even some damage and this is commonly recommended to be used by travelers on their portable devices
  • Solid cables – this is ideal to be used inside the house as it offers better protection when it comes to the flow of electricity

The Limitations of the Ethernet Network Cables

Just like any other cables in the market, there are also some limitations that you have to know about the Ethernet network cables. This kind of cable is just like a power cord for electricity which means that you can only extend it on the limited distance especially on the available length of the cable that you have in the house.

The Alternatives of the Ethernet Network Cables

On the other hand, with the new trends in the technology, there also come the different alternatives that you can consider when you are using the cables. Currently, there are two basic alternatives that are being used by all the consumers in the market right now. Those two basic alternatives are the Wi-Fi connection and the Bluetooth. Surely, you are already familiar on the use of those two alternatives as you are also using it.

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