The Coby Portable DVD Player

The Coby Portable DVD Player: Watching Your Movies Wherever You Are, Whenever You Want

Did you ever go to a very long trip and wondered how many movies you might have watched during that dreadfully long car or train ride? How about sun bathing in the beach, and wishing that you could have brought your television and DVD player along with you so the perfect summer movie with your absolute summer hottie could have accompanied you and your friends at that perfect day at the beach? Or how about you were out camping at night, and would have enjoyed a horror movie inside your tent with your friends before going to bed? All of them would be absolutely fun wouldn’t it? Fortunately, the Coby Portable DVD Player is already here. Yes, that’s right. Coby has heard and answered our prayers. If you want to know more about this awesome product, then be sure to read on.


As the name suggests, this portable DVD playermay come in different sizes (according to the screen size you wish), but this gadget is made to be brought around during travel. It’s neither too wide, nor bulky so it can fit into any travel bag easily. It can even fit into one of your handbags! There’s no need to worry about straining your arms as well, because it is also not too heavy. You may even be surprised at how light it can be.

Video Formats

Worried that it’s a DVD player, which would require you to bring DVDs along? Well, of course you can do that, but to make you movie viewing even more convenient, the Coby Portable DVD Player is capable of playing other formats as well. Yes, you have understood correctly. It can read the movies that you have downloaded from the internet or those that are stores in your flash disk. With this feature, your movie playing will be up to you. Will you bring your entire DVD collection around? Or will you choose to save the best ones in a flash disk and bring that instead?

Television Tuner

Tired of your movies and want to watch television instead? Or probably you really need to watch something over the news while you’re out travelling? Then don’t worry, because this player doesn’t only play movies, but it lets you watch television as well with its built-in TV Tuner. It even comes with its very own infrared remote control!


Of course it would not be portable if it can’t be recharged beforehand. We know that there are a lot of gadgets there that hide under the name of being “portable” just because they are small and light-weight, but set this player apart, because yes, the Coby Portable DVD Player can definitely be played without being plugged. All you need to do is to ensure that it’s fully charged before your trip to maximize your viewing experience. It is also not too choosy when it comes to electrical outlets. It runs on AC 100-240V, with DC output 12V.


Yes, it’s portable and it can fit inside a handbag, so it’s screen is probably not that big to carry high expectations – if you think this way about the Coby Portable DVD Player, then you are awfully wrong! The screen that this player has can match all the high expectations you can give to a small device. It has a super clear screen. In fact, it houses a digital LED screen. To take it to an even higher level, its screen can even rotate! Amazing, right? In this way, if you want to let your friend on the front seat see something, you would not need to turn the entire player around anymore. All you need to do is to flip the screen his way, and that’s it.


Its sound system can work both ways. Probably your travelling with your parents, or people who would rather sleep during a long car ride, or read a book – those who would not want to get disturbed by the movie being played by your portable player, then there is no need to worry because this player allows audio and video input and output. That means you can enjoy it in silence with the help of your trusty earphones. On the other hand, if you are driving with friends and everyone would enjoy watching and hearing your movie, then this portable DVD player has built-in speakers to ensure the sound clarity and quality of your movie’s audio whenever you watch, every single time.


Finally, if what you are after for is style, then this portable player is also the gadget for you. It may be cute because of its size but it is tastefully designed as well. Depending on the model that you would want to purchase, this portable player may come in different colors. The classic choice (which is available in any model) is still black. It’s simple, stylish, and elegant. If you are a bit adventurous though, you can also get the player in red. Feeling boyish or manly? Or do you just enjoy the calming color of the blue skies, then why not get a unit in blue? And finally, if you’re a fun of cute stuff, then the color pink is definitely for you.

A Very Convenient and All Around Player

The Coby Portable DVD Player is truly a very convenient gadget to own. It would surely save you from hours of unnecessary boredom. Aside from its functionalities, let us not forget how easy-to-use this gadget is as well. It’s more of a plug-and-play type of device, so it would not take a lot of brain cells to figure out how this things works, especially if you have already previously owned a DVD player at home. Just imagine that it is your DVD player, but it has a built-in screen, and it’s rechargeable. Other units come with a game function too. Thus, if you really want a gadget that’s fun and entertaining, then this is surely the device for you. Enjoy!

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