4 Tips to Preserve Cell Phone Battery Life

It is a well known fact that cell phones are truly in demand nowadays no matter what model it is because it is more convenient for contacting people than a telephone since it has mobile capabilities. Cell phones are very convenient even if you don’t want to call them because you can also send messages to them so that your contacts can be informed about your conversation with them even if you’re doing lots of things. Cell phones have innovated people’s means to communicate with people, and with the help of the information age, other phone models have became smart phones that are almost like shrunk down computers due to its amazing functionality.

However, batteries are not permanent, and there will be times where the cell phone battery life can get lost due to neglect or due to the length of time that it has been with you. Little do others know that there are some things that they are doing with their phones that have contributed to the loss of their battery life in a faster way. This is very frustrating since lots of people need their phones. So to prevent this issue, here are some easy tips to follow so that you can preserve your cell phone battery life:

  1. Don’t Charge while Using the Phone

We all know that using the internet is a must especially for the younger views here on the site, but this can cause the battery to discharge, and at some times, explode or electrocute you which is fatal. A discharged battery can degrade the battery further to the point where the battery life is dependent on the charger. So just be patient as you charge your phone battery because you can still use the internet after charging it; the internet will never lose anyway.

  1. Use Battery Optimizers

It is a good thing to have some application that can help you to preserve the battery life of your phone. There is some software that can be used to save some battery life, and most of the software that are capable of this feature is known to be very effective. Check out reviews for the software so that you will know if you’re downloading the right one.

  1. Optimize your Settings for Battery Saving

If your phone is idle, turn off any sort of connectivity features that the phone might have such as the 3G/Wi-Fi (these are the most consuming features of phones!), Bluetooth and even the GPS. You can also lower the brightness especially if you have a perfect 20/20 vision or if you can still see the screen even if it’s on its lowest brightness, and then change it to higher levels if you have difficulty setting it. Make sure that you close all apps that are not in use because this can also cause the battery to be used while they’re on.

  1. Purchase a Spare Battery

iPhone users don’t need to proceed to this last tip! This is needed for most phones because who knows when your battery will not work anymore due to neglect. It is best to be prepared, and making sure that you have an extra battery there will make things a lot better without any frustration when you use the phone.

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