4 Things to Know Inside a Cable Modem

There are so many people who are fond of making use cable televisions in order to watch a variety of shows which could help them in having more entertainment while they are in the house. But, that would only be possible if you are going to have the best and right cable modem for you. There are different kinds of modems available in the market and this could either be external or internal depending on your needs and preferences.

However, before you start purchasing modems, it is important for you to know and understand what is inside of it. This could help you to have basic ideas on the different things that you can check in case that there are some problems that occurred on the cable modem that you have in the house. Make sure to understand and know every detail to make most out of it. This could be also your guide in letting repair man know that you have an idea on the different parts of your modem and avoid them in taking you for granted.

Inside the Modem: Demodulator

One of the first things that you would be able to find inside it is the demodulator. The most common kind of this comes with four different functions. This is the one that commonly processes the sounds or the audio of the music or video that is being played in the television which means that if you have got some problems about those things, this could be the first thing that you can check.

Inside the Modem: Tuner

Second is the tuner. The tuner is one of the most sensitive parts of the cable modem as this is the one that connects the channel to the television. This means that you would commonly find it outside the modem and would be exposed to your naked eyes. Make sure to keep this safe and avoid being broken especially when it is being clipped in the middle of certain things.

Inside the Modem: MAC

When you say MAC, this is not about the MAC computer but this is one of the parts of the modem which is responsible in being the interface that connects the software and hardware together in order to make sure that there would be a good flow within the network protocols. All kind of computer devices in the market comes with a MAC inside of it so you can check it anytime you want.

Inside the Modem: Modulator

Last is the modulator, the modulator is the one that is responsible in converting the network data being received by the computer and turned it into a signal that is radio frequency. This part could be also sensitive and may need some extra care so make sure that you are going to avoid this is being exposed too much in different harmful substances. This also comes with three smaller parts that is important to power it up and become useful.

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