BlackHatWorld vs TrafficPlanet vs WarriorForum

When a company designs its website, the very purpose of doing it is to make sure that more and more people come and check their website, and also read about their products. It is an excellent marketing method, especially in today’s era when we know that it is the world of internet that rules the business world. It is for this reason the web developers, in other words the software companies who help these businesses design their website make sure that they work on the content of the website in such a way that people get glued to it. This is why when a website is designed usually the content of it is SEO based, which means that the website’s content helps in Service Engine Optimization, in other words, the content is rich in word power which when typed by the user on any of the search engines brings up the desired website details among the first few.

Before going further we need to have a clear as well as concise idea on as to what is SEO and how far does it help in online marketing. Hence here are a few points which we are sure will help you in understanding the entire concept well:

  • The Content:

One of the most important factors to be kept in mind while taking into account the work of SEO and online marketing is to make sure that you spend enough time and effort in procuring good content for your website. As the saying goes content is the kind of your website, hence make sure that apart from being informative, the content that you are about to publish is also intelligent as well as engaging, and when depicting it one should keep the target audience and targeted keywords in their mind. A good content also depicts a lot about your business in terms of professionalism.

  • The Linking System:

One of the major factors which affect the online marketing ranks and statistics of your website is the linking system of your website, especially when it comes to the page rank that has been assigned to your website, as this to a great extent will depict about the quality of your website especially when there is an comparison of your website to the websites of your competitors.

Hence you web developer should ensure that the linking system of your website is well designed so that it successfully navigate the viewer from one page to another, without them getting confused.

  • A Complete Profile:

To make sure that your online strategy is at par with the others, there is another thing that you should ensure is at the right place, and that would be your online profile. Hence make sure you use photographs of yourself as well as the product you are offering to help your potential buyers know about you. You should definitely take advantage of the online resources that would help you in building a profile for yourself, and that too a professional one. A few of the free resources available for you are Yahoo Local, Bing Local and even Google Places.

Now when we know about what exactly are SEOs and also know how important is your website ranking, let us talk or rather know about a few forums which will or which does help a lot of people in making money online and at the same time helps the online businesses to get a lot of traffic being diverted to their websites, and also helps the website in boosting its rank especially keeping the SEO in mind. Few examples of such forums would be, and In this article we tell you the basic difference between these three forums, in short you will know about BlackHatWorld vs TrafficPlanet vs WarriorForum, also we will provide some brief details about these forums before jumping to their differentiation.

  • – This website is all about making money online, and the methods with the help of which you make money are known as the blackhat methods. But you need not worry as you will not be counted as one of those hackers and the likes who try to steal data as well as the personal identity details and sell them to earn money. Rather it is an authentic forum with the help of which you will be able to get more and more traffic to your websites. One such example is when you are allowed to download any of the software for free, and in return of that you would have to fill in a survey for with your details, and thus the companies can send their advertisements to you. But you should keep one thing in mind that though it is a great way of moving traffic to your website but this kind of method is only temporary.
  • – Like BalckHatWorld, too is a forum, but unlike BlackHatWorld, this forum consists of a much smaller community, where you will fine each and every one of them knowing each other. It is involved in every kind of work starting from Internet Marketing to Banner Advertising to Classified Advertising and it even has a messenger service. The users of this website are usually its members, and the other or the visitors do not have permission to access most of the features or forums, apart from getting a general review of this site.
  • – The next in the list is the, which is usually considered as the first stage of online marketing and best of the new comers. Like the other two forums mentioned above, this too is excellent form for online and internet marketing which helps the online business websites to drift more and more traffic towards their websites, and which ultimately will help them in gaining a good rank among their competitors.

But having said all that, we need to understand what the basic difference between these three forums is, or what can be said when we use them as BlackHatWorld vs TrafficPlanet vs WarriorForum. So to start with we need to know that in WarriorForum the users lean towards the newbie end of the scale, when they reach the BlackHatWorld they are taken to be the graduates. But when it comes to the TrafficPlanet forum, it is a rather smaller community as compared to the other two. Also, one more major different between all these three online marketing forums is that among them all it is in that you will see the traffic is more engaged, as compared to the other two. Where on BlackHatWorld the amount of time spent on a site is less in comparison and the visitor also does not bother to check too many pages of the site as well. But when it comes to TrafficPlanet you will see that the traffic is medium, as compared to the other two where one is reaching the higher end of the scale and the other is reaching the lower end, this one in comparison is mediocre when it comes to the page visits, but it comes to the amount or the percentage of the new visitors for the websites, TrafficPlanet’s is the least. Whereas, the bet is won by WarriorForum this time too and BlackHatWorld takes up the middle position when you compare them in the scale of the number of new visitors each of them are able to attract.

Also another major difference among them are the free download options that are provided by each of these forums, where people seem to trust BlackHatWorld more when it comes to downloading any kind of software, and also indulge in getting resources for free which requires them to share their details on the social platform, and to do that they do not seem to shy away from providing these details. On the other hand when it comes to WarriorForum which has been the winner when it comes to traffic and visitors, the visitors are usually seen clicking on the affiliate links, but most of the time they are seen subscribing via the emails, but do  not trust this forum enough to download resources which are provided by them for free. The change in the behaviour is majorly due to the option which is provided by these forums, like when you put the three, that is BlackHatWorld vs TrafficPlanet vs WarriorForum on the same scale, the visitors of the WarriorForum are looking in for the opt in option, whereas, when they are getting into the BlackHatWorld forum it is with the intention of getting the advantage of some free downloads. Among these two sits TrafficPlanet comfortably taking the position of being in the middle as it neither provides the visitors with any kind of opt in options, nor does it have any option of downloading software for free, which is where you can see its laid back attitude too, but that suits this forum as basically it is a closed community for whom this forum functions.

One more thing is that as compared to the other forums it is the WarriorForum which offers more visitors and also options of conversions per post.

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