3+ Best Paying Jobs in India

Everyone wants an achieving job that gives the benefit of a lucrative sum. In recent times indeed it is difficult to get a job that offers both a good financial hold and a secured future. But that surely doesn’t mean that the economic market does not have jobs that handovers quite an interesting amount of sum at the month end. Multiple jobs are available that enables job seekers to earn a substantial amount at the end of each month.

India being a developing country offers various kinds of jobs to its citizens and gives them the benefit of choosing the right and suitable kind of jobs for them from various fields. Citizens can choose jobs according to their merits. On the basis of pure talent and merit recruiters recruit employees. There are a handful of jobs that offer high payments to its employee at the cost of pure talent and merit. Some of them are as follows that offers lucrative sum, amazing opportunities, better work conditions and bonuses, profit sharing and cool technologies.

  • MBAs (Management professionals)

Business schools are the best places to get an amazing job opportunity because of its placement programs.  Getting a masters degree in business is lucrative provided you get it done from a well known place. A masters degree in business administration ensures a high payment of salary. It is one of the best career options in today’s current job market. A mere graduate’s salary from a good business school amounts up to 7-9 LPA.  Candidates coming from business schools like IIMs, Symbiosis, FMS, IIFts enjoy better privileges, higher salaries, and fast career objectives. Generally they pursue as trainees in big multinational companies and then undergo intensive training for a period of six months or even in some cases one year. They offer salaries up to 20- 24 lakhs per annum. The lowest salary is 7-9 lakhs per annum.

  • IT and Software Professionals

Many students look for jobs in the IT sectors as it promises to offer a lucrative payment at the month end. Jobs in the IT sectors are hot spot areas for job lookers. Proper degree and talent will land them a job in the IT companies like Google, IBM, HP, Microsoft, Adobe and Intel. These IT companies offer jobs to a large number people on the basis of proper degree and pure talent. Working for such companies is nothing less than hitting a jackpot. As these companies not only carry goodwill of brand value but also offers a huge payment to its employees. The freshers working under these IT internationals earn in 14 lacs per annum. The remuneration increases on seniority basis. The average salary of a senior software engineer under such IT companies is 24 lakhs per annum. In addition to high payment there are lots of international assignments that require talented ones to travel outside. One needs to keep himself updated with newer skills.

  • Chartered Accountant

Chartered accountant is a good option in job field provided if one is willing to work hard in order to get it. A student should be a certified CA from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) in order to work under different areas of accounting, tax management, banking, cost accountant and auditing. It is one of the highest paying jobs in India as a professional Chartered Accountant can earn up to 24 lakhs per annum whereas a fresh CA can earn up to 7 LPA.

  • Airline Industry

The position of the air industry is at a growth with the high demands for stewardess, air hostess qualified pilots and so on. No doubt that the job of a pilot is more lucrative but the ground level staffs and air hostess do earn quite a bit of an amount. Average salaries for pilots range between 7.5 lahks to 9 lakhs( for both in cargo and passenger airlines).

A proper career objective is what it requires to get the above mentioned jobs and the benefit of high payment. Apart from the jobs mentioned above, there are other jobs that help to earn lucrative sum- jobs like law professionals, entertainment industries and so on. It is your outlook and potential that will land you the right kind of job with a lucrative payment.

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