Powerfully Custom – Build your Machine with Barebones Laptop

A detailed article on barebones laptop!

Technology evolves fast at these modern times. They become innovative, stylish, and powerful. Most people nowadays would like to have this type of machine (Personal Computer or Laptop). There are many brands that are available in the market nowadays. And most people choose the most innovative and a powerful one.

What is a laptop?

A laptop is a personal computer that is very portable and handy. They are termed as notebooks or notebook computers. The components of laptop are combined into a single device. These include the speakers, touchpad, display, keyboard, hard drive, webcam, and a microphone, among others. This is powered through rechargeable battery or electricity using an AC adapter.

It is used in education, personal multimedia, personal use, and even in work, among others. It has different features and specifications. It also varies in size. Some are smaller and lighter. And some are bigger and heavier. It can be powerful depending on its memory, speed, and hardware. The price rates differ too. The powerful laptops are the most expensive and this may cost from $3,000 to $4,500.

What is a Laptop?

What is a Laptop?

What are the features of a expensive laptop?

A laptop that is considered expensive has a processor with Intel i7 920XM. It is considered the fastest CPU and the fastest processor. This is available in the market nowadays. It also has 8 MB cache, a speed of 3.2 GHz and has four cores. And its graphics card has a feature of dual A17 Mobility random HD 4870 graphics card solution. The NVIDIA’s Ge Force GTX 280 M achieves high-performance too.

Another feature is the memory that has 8GB of DDR3 RAM. DDR3 is the fastest RAM available in market as of 2010. A laptop that has M17X system is one of the most powerful laptops in the market. This costs about $1,799 to $2,000. However the laptops that have high-performance video cards, has large memory and have fastest processor may cost $4,500. This may cost much nowadays. However it is worth the cost because you can do many things with this laptop. This can also be lessened when you custom-build your laptop or purchase a barebones laptop.
What is a barebones laptop?
A barebones laptop is also termed as the “laptop case” or the custom-built notebooks. This is like building your own laptop on your desired specifications. With this you can build a laptop. It is assembled wherein the parts and the components are purchased individually in a retail store. This includes buying separately the components such as the hard drive, memory, processor, and the DVD/CD, among others.  This is also different from the desktop computer. However it is considered a barebones computer. The “laptop case” is more difficult to make than the desktop computer. And “laptop case” is more advantageous than the desktop computer because of its portability.

Barebones Laptop

Barebones Laptop

What are the components that are included in the systems?

The components of the barebones systems consist of the motherboard, cooling accessories, a media-card reader, an optical drive, and a power supply, among others. You have to supply or buy other components separately such as the hard drive, RAM or the memory, CPU, input and output devices, among others. These come in different specifications and brands.

What are the advantages ?

If you want to build your own personal computer or laptop and have knowledge on how to do it then it is better that you custom-build your own by buying first the barebones laptop. With this you can have custom selection of the components of the laptop. This means you can choose the operation system, processor, the memory, and the hard drive. And you can customize your machine. You can choose the specifications with the fastest processor and speed and large memory. You may also choose other specifications that are suitable to your needs or your desire.  However everything must be compatible with one another so that it can run well and function. For example if you purchase a barebones with a motherboard for an AMD CPU then the Intel CPUs are excluded. You can also save or spend much depending on the features of the computer that you have chosen. However you can still save if you prefer to use components for a  laptop. A ready-made laptop may cost $2,000 to $4,500.

Where to buy a barebones personal computer?

One thing that you will ask yourself if you are interested to have barebones personal computer is where to buy it. There are many online computer retailers that are offering computer parts, software, and hardware. They also offer the barebones personal computer. You just have to surf the Internet online on retailers that provide quality computer parts and barebones personal computer. Look for the retailers that you will have best deals too. Be sure as well that the retailer is certified to sell barebones personal computer and other components of the laptop.

Some online computer retailers also offer different brands and specifications of barebones. Among them is the Clevo Barebones Series with NVIDIA GT 840 M 2 GB with Optimus Technology and Intel 4th Gen. CPU for $459.00. With this you have to buy separately the Intel Mobile Processor and 4GB or more memory. You also have to buy the hard drive, SSD hard drive, extra hard drive caddy case and the external optical drive. You must also supply the operating system and the software. The battery such as Smart6-cell 62.16 WH Li-Ion Battery and the 100-240V Auto switch 120 AC Adapter is included. There are other barebones that are of different brands and specifications. You just have to choose the one that you desire and within the limits of your budget.

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