How A1 Sitemap Generator Helped Me to Get Effective Results

When it comes to Sitemap, it helps Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engine to easily crawl, find changed content and index your entire website. A website without this, is like having all the things in your room but not in a well decorated form. Since then it is the most important element to get a good ranking in search engines, one should have a pretty mannered form so  it would be easy for users as well all other crawlers.

Should you use XML or HTML Sitemap for SEO?

Sitemap Generator Result

Good question, there is no harm but effective to use it to improve ranking in Search Engines. I observed many plugins and script that helps to generate it but I failed to see the expected exposures that I wanted. But all of sudden I had gone through a better solution which not only helped me to find what actually I was looking for but I was amazed to see the results without doing much work for my sites. Yes! Not only Google indexed my blog faster but also it showed a hierarchy of the pages I wanted to show up in proper manner. So what I did, I used A1 Sitemap Generator, a Powerful Software, helped me to boast my ranking factor as well as structure for my websites and blogs.

The Software is complete set of solutions which actually I was looking for.

How Amazingly it Helps:

A1 Sitemap Generator 1This software is amazing I have ever found. As you can see above, without much work I easily got the result what exactly I wanted. Lets take a look of its features:

  • Can crawl and generate sitemaps of large websites having even 100,000+ URLs. Also for image, video or news.
  • Erases duplicate URLs,
  • Follows and understands robot.txt, canonical, noindex, index, follow or dofollow.
  • Can be automatically used and scheduled using command line parameters
  • Easy and Advance features included.
  • Calculates priority values based on internal linking and redirects.
  • Chooses among different visual styles or customize them to fit your website layout.

A1 Sitemap Generator 2It was just the highlight but all I can say about it, its superb and wonderful generator one should use.

Like to Use This?

For better result, I will always prefer. Why not to give it a try for and see the amazing results too as I got? Yeah! It is of-course free for 30 days and later you can purchase it. I hope you are goanna enjoy the results. Stay tuned, lots of things coming up in the next.

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