My Life, My Job, My Career: Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online

What if I talk about 7 to 8 years ago, nobody knew anything about how to make money online but now time has changed surprisingly with the increase of opportunities that has opened several ways to work and generate a passive income. A number of ways are available in the industry of internet through which one can easily earn a complete living by working at home. Yes! I am here to share my own experience, I am using and through which I am becoming self-independent or we say a self-employed at the age of 24 only :)

Here I would like to introduce the top 10 easiest way of generating a good amount of income which have helped me to become an owner of my own business. The top 10 ways are describe below.

One thing to note here, I will only share, I tested and through which I am earning now.

Blogging – (Earning VIA Adsense)

Yes! I may be right or wrong but there is no need to introduce Blogging (What is Blogging?) and Monetizing with Adsense.  Everybody is quite known about Blogging and working with adsense. I have been using this method since 2009. So, if anybody asks me about the best method in making money online, I will always refer to create a wonderful blog and monetize it with different advertising plat forms such as Google Adsense, Buysellads, Infolinks, Tribal Fusion, valueclick,, etc.

You can also use Adsense to monetize your Youtube videos 😉

Let me tell you about it, Freelancing mean to provide services you can say doing someone’s work and earning in returns of the services rendered. This method is becoming so popular due to increase of several platform which connect service provider and buyers together to have a deal. What I do, I provide numerous work as freelance like Software and Web Programming related since I am a programmer so I utilized my skills and offered the same services, I can easily perform. I usually make money through Fiverr, Odesk and Elance. You can find out what skills you have and just offer them into these platforms.

Social Networking:

You may be thinking what the hack I am telling here to earn through social networks. But it’s true. A lot of people are making thousands of dollars through social networking sites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. What people do, people build a strong network of relationships with real people out there and offer them services sometimes or the products they are dealing with. I know one of my friends sales birds on Facebook and has built a strong business. Now what I do, I allow advertisers to display ads on my millions liked Fan page, Millions followed Twitter account.

Affiliate Marketing

It means to refer someone else’s product to clients and earn in means of commission when the clients purchases the same product you are referring. There are several companies that offer affiliate programs which you can join and start referring their products to  clients or anyone. What I do, I have joined some of the Web Hosting companies I know who offer Best Web Hosting, I refer my clients to purchase hosting from them and I get paid a commission. You can have a strong website or blog and can allow the same products on it.

Tip: Do a proper research about Amazon, Clickbank and Web Hosting companies that offer affiliates, make out a plan and enjoy earnings.

Selling Own Stuff Online:

This is the easiest way to generate a big business. Similarly as I told you above that you can build a strong network of your social networking sites and then can sale anything you want. But also you can do the same without having any social sites through Amazon, Ebay and Clickbank. These are the top websites available in internet industry where you can sale your own products and earn a passive income online.

Domain and Web Hosting Business.

Most of you may not know what domain, sub-domain and web hosting is. Let me introduce these two term in shortest way, domain is online identity name such as ,, and web hosting is where you store website files like an online computer where you store entire directories of your web. Becoming a reseller of the companies offering domain and web hosting is the best business and I had my own company where I used to offer them. You can purchase these services and can transfer in bulk by which you can make passive income.

Mobile Applications

Wonder you are making a good amount of income by developing and selling your own apps? I think I don’t need to introduce about iPhone apps, Android apps and windows apps. If you are a developer, this is the best way to make extra money by developing some cool apps and selling them. You can also make great amount through free apps. Google Play Store provides an advertising platform which places ads on your app page.

SEO Consultancy

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. I offer seo services to my potential clients who hire me to develop their websites. A website needs seo to generate targeted audience. Since there are some algorithms of search engines that require a little bit consideration of the website content, layout, HTML & XML sitemap, etc. I have several friends who do only this service and make 4 to 5 figures income or even more.

Teaching Online at Udemy (Online Courses) has created a significant and reliable place where thousands of students purchase and learn the stuff to grow their skills. One can easily create high quality stuff video and offer them at Students purchase your course and you earn.

Forex Trading:

Though it’s a gambling. One can earn thousands of dollars in a day or lose the same in a day 😀 I never tested it but one of my friends if really expert in forex trading and earns thousands in a day. It means to do currency business online.

From the Author:

Out of the most ways I have tested the above working methods of generating a passive income over internet. But I will always prefer to use that I can do the best. So, here I will ask you to apply and work only the method that you are in best of. Stay Blessed and try your own way.

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