What is Web Hosting?

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a kind of service being provided in terms of space in the internet world with which we can maintain our files and folders which are for websites handled by us or some organization. The main thing we look out here is server’s which apparently provides us space for saving and managing files using MySQL servers which directly redirect to the website it is related to. In other words we can say that it is the storage where all your content, which is required for publishing your website to the whole world through services provided by web hosting.

Why do we need web hosting?

-We can say that through web hosting you can make your website stored remotely on a virtual drive which allows you store all files and content in the space provided to you on web servers. One advantage of this is that you don’t have to store everything locally on your computer.

-Servers memory is the main storage which is fully fledged with your data and files. It becomes mandatory to buy a server space to manage your website that leads us to the point of maintenance and repair of servers which an individual who is publishing his/her own website can’t do, it will cut deep in to your pockets related to your server being setup and their requirements so it’s better to buy a web hosting service.

-We are basically allocated part of the space that the web hosting companies are providing. This is mainly used by professional who actually knows how to program and other skill sets, required to maintain a web space.

Well, there are different kinds of web hosting services available, some of them are:

  • Free web hosting services: These kinds of services are provided free of cost. They provide us limited number of space as well as with limited services, if you are a beginner to the online world this is what you need, or else it is better to use the paid hosting services which will provide more space and services.
  • Shared web hosting: Here what happens is a server is being shared between many users. In other words we can say that all domain names are sharing a common pool of sharing resources i.e. RAM and CPU. Here your maintenance and updates are being taken care of by your web hosting company. This kind of web hosting service is used by companies and colleges. It costs you less, as you are using bulk service and even allow you to share resources.
  • Dedicated web hosting: Here you have your own a web server and has full administrative control and access to the servers which make you the person who takes initiative of everything related to security and maintenance of dedicated web servers. It will cost you way more than shared web hosting but it is way too advantageous as it is dedicated web hosting. This is basically used by people or companies that would wish for complete privacy.


  1. Hi Syed,

    I think it’s also important to point out that using shared hosting might not always be a good idea, depending on the host.

    Google made quite a big chance to their algorithm some time ago which incorporated the speed/loading time of websites as being a factor. As such, some shared hosts are not a good idea anymore.

    Do you have any specific hosts you recommend?


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