What is The Edu Domain?

Are you thinking of buying an Edu domain? Well, the simplest answer to your question is that you cannot purchase an edu domain name.  You can only get such a domain if you are a four year post-secondary institution in the United States, which is not only institutionally accredited by also registered under the necessary laws in the country.  In order for your educational institution to be properly accredited, it ought to be given this kind of a status by an agency that is originally registered in the United States department of education and be among the list of recognized accrediting agencies in the region.

Also worth noting is the fact that your organization should be organized and legally located within the United States or even at the very least be officially and legally recognized by the one of the Federal Agencies in the United States.  If you cannot meet any of these requirements, then the chances of qualifying for an edu domain would rather be next to zero.  The terms and rules for eligibility for this domain in the US department of Commerce are enforced with a high degree of strictness.  Apparently, in such a case you just have to meet the minimum requirements and there is no shortcut in that regard.

About the .EDU Domain

The edu domain is no doubt one of the oldest top level domains on the internet.  To be part of the original set of seven TLDs, the edu domain was first created in the mid 1980s and was mainly intended for use by educational institutions only.  Some of the first organizations which registered under the edu domain included Purdue, Berkeley, and UCLA universities.  Even though there was a degree of loose running in the 1990s, this is one of the most respected domains on the internet today. To date, it is reserved for educational institutions only.

Why is it Important?

Perhaps you might be compelled to ask why this domain is of great essence. At times you might want to think that, if outside the educational sphere, no one cares about the extension, why should it be a big deal? One thing you need to understand is that not many instances of these things are actually in use today.  Currently, the edu domain boasts of 10000 websites compared to hundreds of millions for the dot com domains.  The fewer the domains are, the harder they actually are to get as such they attract a high level of interest. Some educational institutions on the other hand do not really put much weight on this kind of a domain since not many internet users actually know much about it.

The element regarding the edu domain has to be related to search engine optimization.  Since this domain is highly controlled in the educational system, there are very few back links to such websites which you will come across out there on the internet.  Much as search engines might locate such websites, they are quite hard to come across when searching on the internet.  These are just but some of the bits about the edu domain which you ought to be aware of today.

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