What is Google?

Google is a multinational corporation that specializes in services which are related to the internet and products.  They include cloud computing, software, online advertising and search. Most of the Google profits are derived from Adwords. Larry Page and Sergey Brin established Google when they were students at Stanford Campus. They owned 16 percent of the shares. In, 1998 they incorporated Google as a privately held company. The corporation runs over one million servers in data centers globally and processes over one billion search requests.

There are different ways that Google generates revenue compared to other online companies. Google usually uses three popular ways in partnering with merchants and advertisers like Google Adsense, Google checkout and Google Adwords. Google checkout is a type of service that has been designed in making online purchases easy for consumers and retailers. To use this service, users have to create a free Google checkout account. The account creation process includes entering debit card number and credit that Google stores in a safe database.  When users visit a retailer who has subscribed to Google Checkout, the user can click on the checkout option and Google will facilitate the transaction. This therefore, means that it is not a must for the users to enter a card number all the time that they want to purchase something.

Another popular way that Google generates revenue is through a pair of web advertising services known as Adsense and Adwords. Using Adwords, advertisers submit the ads to Google that include lists of keywords that relate to the business, product and service. When any Google user searches on the internet using one keyword, the ad will appear on the SERP sidebar. The advertiser pays Google all the time the user clicks on the ad.  Adsense is the same only that it does not display the ads on a Google SERP.  Webmasters can decide to choose to integrate ads into their own site.

Google is popular for creating and offering useful services. The corporation has purchased a few innovative companies and it has integrated them. They include YouTube, Jaiku, Blogger and Picasa. Search engine optimization is essential to everybody, but is important for small businesses because of their low cost and high potential impact. If any business wants to be recognized in the online SEO is not optional. Google has a lot of benefits built into it and using Google will help your business to get superior results.

The benefit of your small business using Google is that it will connect with high tech consumers. By using Google a business owner creates a clear path to consumers, especially for those who adore and embrace technology. Businesses which want to expand their network with other small businesses in the market; using Google is a good way of doing so.

The downfall of Google is that there are so many administration challenges. Users cannot be able to add administrators to their Google account such as Facebook and other popular websites. This therefore means that you will have to manage your account or trust somebody else to login in using your personal details. This is a big problem for small businesses that are busy.

It is not a must for a business to have a large business size, so that it benefits from using Google. Including Google in your marketing campaign will help your business to gain a lot of exposure and this is going to translate to sales.

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