What is Blogging?

Blogging allows users to share opinions, reflect and discuss various topics in the form of various journals. It can be personal journals, news, business, technology related etc. To define the word blog we can say that it is a ‘Weblog’ where you can store huge amount of stories, news, articles etc. In other words we can say that it is an easy way presentation of your thoughts.

Why do we need to blog?

There are many reasons of blogging here are few to help you decide whether you would like to blog:

-It makes u think harder and deeper about the topics of blogging. In your day-to-day life you must be busy doing all kind of stuffs you need to do which makes your minds run in different directions, as a result it decreases your thinking capability, thus writing a blog makes your mind run on that particular topic in one direction and functions in a thoughtful manner making u mind dig deeper and deeper. If you want to enjoy the fun side of it, you can do that too, by simply writing and publishing whatever flows in to your mind.

-It improvises your disciplinary activities, your commitment towards work. U always see in your daily life that after committing and dedicating your time to particular work sometimes it happens you didn’t keep up your commitment and you violate your own disciplinary rules, this is due to all lack of focus and laziness, thus blogging flushes these demerits which are habituated in your system and basically makes you a better and committed person.

-Through blogging you are bound to meet different people through comments, emails etc.  Who encourage you, cheer you by their own reviews about your blogs. This also helps people in socializing, letting you know more and more people. Besides this, you can also make actual money through blogging perhaps you should be very clear and creative by your thoughts and views.

-It makes you comfortable and confident in life as your blogs is being published and revealed to the whole world, where people give their comments and reviews, whether it is good or bad it does not matter, you improvise in many qualities which were hidden in you. You try to build yourself make yourself more concerned about the things you are doing and live a better life

We can say there are different types of blogs, some of them are:

-Personal blogs

It’s a kind of blogs where people are writing about their own life history or present ones. It is basically, a kind of personal diary expressing every moment of their life in words.

-Organizational blogs

The kinds of blogs are used for business purposes. Many people want to create a blog for public relation purposes in the business organization world.

-Micro blogging

It is the practice of posting text, videos, images or other media stuffs on their blog so that people would like their stuffs, appreciate it and give feedback in the form of comments.

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