Reverse Domain Name Lookup

The domain name system, abbreviated as DNS is a system which connects different kinds of information with domain names on the internet.  This then allows it to act like some form of directory on the internet.  It converts Uniform Resource Locators for websites that we come across every other day into IP addresses which are required for proper functioning of networks within the internet backbone.

On the other hand, the DNS holds additional data for instance registry of mail exchanging servers which receive email for respective domains.  Therefore, the domain name system more or less provides a worldwide redirection service which is generally keyword-based.  That is why it ought to be a major element when it comes to internet usage in the modern day.

In addition to translating the domain name to the IP address and the reverse, the domain name system is also responsible for the assignment of internet names to various organizations including their various concerns through the use of numerical IP addresses.  This is all done without any need for the use of physical routing systems.  The DNS in turn maps assigned addresses so that they can be easily linked to the right domain names on the network.

Therefore, DNS more or less allows the IP address and the URL to work interchangeably even though URLS are clearly easier for people to remember and understand that long chain of numbers and dots.  Just as the case is for your telephone number, you can carry out a cell phone look up. In this same regard, DNS also allow you to carry out a reverse DNS lookup that allows you to make use of an IP address and locate any relevant information or details regarding the domain  context.You in the end get all necessary details that are related to your IP address.

There are many reasons as to why you would want to carry out a reverse domain name system lookup.  Remember that such tasks are primarily carried out for purposes of ensuring the security of your computer. In instances or cases like unrecognizable emails, reverse lookups normally offer you the ability to look up the hosting service and the domain name that is related to the IP address where the email first originated from.  This might as well help you to decide whether you got a desirable email or it is simply a case of spam, which is a very common element in most email accounts on the internet.

Also worth noting is that reverse domain name system lookup can be used for purposes of creating white list screener’s or authenticators.  This kind of a system has a high degree of effectiveness and it can even take out all of the spam mails that come to your email address without your consent.  Moreover, it is able to figure out the location of zombie computers which are being used by these spam email senders. There is no doubt that reverse domain lookup is of great essence on the internet in the modern day.  Many people across the globe are using the service and finding it extremely useful. You might perhaps want to give it a try.

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