Overview of Google – Apps & Products

The brand that has made not only got information available at our fingertips, but has also helped us drastically in organizing ourselves, Google. This company started out as a search engine, by its founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, but as of today it’s the world for a common man. May it be for personal use or even in terms of business use, Google stands out from its competitors.

This organization set its foot in the market and has ever since been turning heads. It was as if it was just yesterday since it sown its seeds and within a short time span has grown rapidly, to a multi-billion company. Google has not stopped spreading its wings; it is trying to take in whatever new technology comes in its way, and presents it perfectly to its customers, after intense simplification. The products that comes under this brand is endless, it starts from Search Engines and ends up to Autonomous vehicles as of today, and this is not the full stop as of yet, it will keep on presenting new products to help simplify the complicated life of a human being.

It has become so famous nowadays, that to check whether their internet connection is working, the first website that comes to person’s mind is, Google. Initially a single query asked used to take over 3 months for Google to process and come back with an answer, but as of today you get results in hardly a second. Google has simplified human lives to a great extent, in terms of managing them as well as saving huge chunks of time

Products which the company has introduced over the years

Google Maps

Google had started their Google maps service with the motive to just help people locate places which they have never heard or seen, but with the advancement of technology the next barrier it broke was with the help of satellites or GPS (Global Positioning Satellites), which helps pinpoint your location up to 1 meter. Combining GPS with its maps has helped making them navigation guides, so even if you have entered a new country and do not know how to speak their language you can simply guide yourselves with the help of these maps.

Lately Google has further broken down another barrier through which you can actually have a street view of a neighborhood or a monument, giving you a realistic feel, as if you were physically present at that location.


Sending and receiving emails just got easier with the help of Google’s mailing product. They helped simplify mailing to chats also, making it easy to refer to. Step by step, they have helped simplify the interface for mails. They regularly keep trying new design structures, to help make mailing easy.Google+

Socializing has become more easy, thanks to Google+, Even after having started way later than facebook, Google+ has been able to attract many internet users. It has become famous mainly because it is easy to synchronize with your hand held device.

Google Car

Well this is one of the latest projects that Google has been working on lately, with the help of combination of several sensors, Google maps, and Satellites, Google has been able to create an autonomous Car (A driverless car). Yeah! You heard that just right, Google has been working on reducing accidents, saving millions of lives that are being lost all over the world due to accidents.


Touch screen phones had got a whole new facelift with the introduction of Android Operating System, by Google. Android is an open source operating system, this means that the programming codes are available online, and one can tweak it to suit his or her requirements. Google after introducing this into the market has taken the mobile computing world to a whole new level. Due to its open source operating system one can install it in any device he likes, companies like Samsung after having their own operating system (Bada OS), are still utilizing Android because of its potential. Android has millions and millions of applications and it keeps increasing every day. Anyone who knows a little bit of programming can now develop apps for a device.

Smartphones and tablets

After having successfully entering the mobile world, Google sought to introducing smart phones with collaboration with the big brands. This had actually helped them tailor the hardware as well as the software bit of the smart phones and tablets. Motorola one of the leading mobile manufacturers was lately bought by Google.


The words famous video database, a place where you can find almost any video, may it be news, movies, music, lectures and the list never ends. Youtube has helped Google generate a huge income.


All those website owners or bloggers, who are interested in earning money through their website, by simply placing ads on a page. It is not only on websites that you can use Adsense on, you can also use it on your Youtube page, and Blogger page.


People all over the world can make a sub-site, through Google, where they can upload content or even share their reviews and feelings. It is basically a mini website, where you can upload whatever content you like. So if you cannot afford to buy a website, you can use this free service provided by Google.

Icing on the cake

You get to synchronize your accounts. Your emails, your photos, everything can be now synchronized to your smart phones, so you have your whole world right in to your palms. May it be your calendar, contacts and even the photo’s you have taken from you mobile phone, all data synced, giving you access to all your files anywhere and everywhere. So whether it is a busy business man’s account or even a personal account, Google does help in simplifying the over exaggerated, complicated lives of people. And this all for now, but do stay tuned for more updates, because this company never stops to surprise people.

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