Important Domain Extensions and Their Meaning

Domain names are charged according to its popularity, domain name providers also have bids organized online to sell the popular domain names. You have domain names with different kinds of extensions, where these make it easy to recognize what kind of website it is.

The Important Domain Name extensions

The meaning of the following extensions:

.com à Is for commercial websites

.net à Is for network based companies or organizations.

.org à Non-profitable organizations use this extension

.edu à Educational institutions like schools, colleges prefer this extension.

.biz à For all the money making companies or organizations.

.gov à Mainly for government based website.

Countries too, have their own extensions like:

.us à For The United States of America

.uk à For United Kingdom

.au à For Australia

.in à For India

.de à For Germany

Who owns this domain?? is a website that provides all the details of the domain name owner, right from his email address to his or her home address. You can also search for the owner through search engines, in case, does not help you.

Why own a domain name?

It is basically if you want uniqueness and privacy, you can buy these, instead of using the free blog spaces provided by providers. People or organizations that want to enhance their viewing experience and maintain a brand quality, maintaining a domain is advantageous. Having a website ensures people that the company or product you selling are genuine. The domain name brands your products giving uniqueness and also helps build an identity in the world, this actually helps building your business, expanding it from your locality, giving you the ability of touching the entire world just from where you are sitting.

Protect your identity

If you do not want to publically display your contact details on the world wide web, you can opt a feature provided by the domain name providers, which helps protect the identity of the owner. But for this you may be charged a specific amount per year.

Why can’t there be two same Domain names??

Well if you have 2 Flipkart’s, eBay’s or Amazon’s where either one of the two are genuine sites, would you be able to know whether you transferring an amount for a product, to the genuine one or get looted by the fake one? iCANN a software which makes sure that there is only one website with a domain name, is provided by the domain providers.

What is the value of this Domain Name?

Well the value of the domain name is based on its popularity and the frequency of its use. This can be determined by looking up on websites, such as, which is a benchmarking website, and ranks domain names according to its usage and popularity. The ranks provided is based on the world ranking as well as the ranking of the website with respect to its, country. One can buy a used Domain name also, which gives them a good audience base.

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