How Twitter Improved My Blog

There is no doubt at all that social networks have become an integral part of today’s society. Most of the social networking sites started as a way of communicating with friends and family members, but the sites grew into an intuitive, effective way of connecting with professionals and allowing most businesses to reach a large number of audiences easily. In this modern society the internet has brought a lot of things it has created a society that is connected worldwide. Almost everybody has their own presence online. It is not limited to individuals because every business, whether small or large has its own presence on the internet. It is vital for social media sites like Facebook or twitter to be used well, especially if the main goal is to attract customers to the website.

The growth and development of internet technology has increased the use of the internet as a marketing tool to different types of businesses worldwide. There are so many social networking sites that have proved that they are beneficial and one of them is twitter. If you manage your twitter page very well, you will reap a lot of benefits for your business. But, making followers and retaining them on your page is not a simple thing. Your business must be popular among general users or you have to buy real twitter followers from reliable companies so that you boost the numbers of followers on your page.

This social networking site is one of the most famous micro blogging sites globally. Every month there are more than five million people who visit the site. You can decide to enhance your viewer count from two hundred followers to two hundred thousand followers so that you become serious in committing to the service. The good thing about twitter is that, it allows users to have the ability of sharing information in a format that is easy to understand. This is something that is special to most businesses. It is possible to buy twitter followers for guaranteed results, but you must be very careful when buying twitter packages. If you are not careful when purchasing packages to increase your followers then this will not provide you the guaranteed benefits that you want. There are different types of packages that are offered by service providers of twitter and before purchasing you need to know which package is vital for your business. The packages should not be taken as a way to purchase followers without following. You have to know which package is vital to your specific needs and it will only prove that it is good for the business.

Twitter is one of the best social networking web applications in the market that offer users with the ability of sharing information. The users post status updates, events, news, jokes and other vital information. The posts are usually limited to only 140 characters and they can be sent from and received through messaging. Most of the organizations, companies, businesses and people use twitter in promoting themselves in attracting attention to events as well as creating awareness about their products. There are so many businesses which have integrated twitter and other vital social networking tools in their support systems and customer service.

Most people who use twitter even for people who want to read a post, have taken advantage of twitter. Through searching twitter posts, it is easy to get informal reviews of a product and service. Users are going to have a question and have recommendations, offers and ideas. Most people have no idea that twitter can be able to enhance the performance of a blog. It is possible to take your blog to the next level and attract new customers. This is how twitter improved my blog.

Using twitter badges

One of the easiest ways of reaching new prospects for your blog using twitter is through using twitter badge in your blog posts. This helps readers who adore your blog posts to re-Tweet instantly your blog post to their followers. This will make your blog to get new potential customers without doing anything. The badge acts as a counter and it helps in showing the number of times your blog posts will be re-Tweeted by other followers. This also helps in boosting your credibility. The more times that a blog post will be re-Tweeted the more value it will have. This can also be a good guide in helping you in creating a good blog post. Coming, up with more posts just like the ones which have been re-Tweeted helps to boost traffic.


This is another popular way of using Twitter to promote your blog and attracting new readers. You can Tweet clips from your blog using a link to back to it. One hundred and forty characters that twitter has allowed are restricted. Therefore, it is imperative that you use shortening tools such as bitly in order to make them smaller and post the message. Keep this in mind that, if you will be able to sign up for bitly, you will be in a good position to use custom URLs. In case you are using a WordPress blog it is highly recommended that you use the new publicize feature so that you can automatically syndicate your blog posts to either Facebook or Twitter.

Using multiple accounts

To promote your blog, you should only limit yourself to one Twitter account. Most experienced internet marketers have multiple accounts in order to reach a different type of niche markets and to drive more traffic. It is also good that you have all your friends, contractors and staff members tweeting links to your blog post so that you can reach their followers. Just imagine 40,000 hits on your blog within one month.

Blogging is a good business and there are so many companies and people who are making a lot of money from it. As long as you get all the facts rights and you have the knowledge you will reap a lot of benefits from blogging.

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