What is Blogging? How to Blog & SEO and Make Money

To bury your confusion away, here is a step by step procedure on blogging

What is blogging ?

Blogging, is sharing your opinion or reviews on products or certain aspects of life. The motive is to help people around and educate them on certain topics.

There is no age limit for bloggers. No matter if you 10 or even 70, all of you can blog.

What do I blog about ?

This is a question which many people get confused with. You can blog about anything and everything you like or dislike. The only thing is that whatever you would like to share should not be copied and pasted. It is not a hard and fast rule, but maintaining a good reputation among readers is very important.

Here are a few topics that you can blog about, Failures, Inspiration, Love, Relationships, Technology related, Gadgets, reviews of products, General Information, Dating Tips and many more. If you planning on to do business through this blog, restrict to keeping it business related. Businessmen are not interested in your love life or any other side of your life.

Use an appropriate blogging platform

After keeping in mind what you would like to blog, the next step is to select a blogging platform. There are many blogging platforms available in the market, which can be either paid and can even be free. Few of the blogging platforms are, blooging.com, blogspot.com (run and maintained by Google), WordPress etc.

If you have a limited budget in mind, you can select the paid platforms, but if you want to do it as passion or not going to blog for that long, the free version is recommended. It is up to you to choose which platform you would like to stick with, but the free versions do not contain all advanced features provided by these platforms. Do your research, and then start off with your blog.

Designing your blog

By designing it means you can create a whole new layout, for your blog. That includes, adding a background, adding side bars, color of text, theme of blog, etc. Free versions provided by blogging platforms, are limited to a few of these layouts and themes.

If you blog looks attractive, people naturally tend to have a look at what your blog is all about.

How do I attract Visitors to my blog ?

Well setting up a blog, was pretty easy so far. Now comes the difficult part, the waiting part, attracting visitors or readers to read your blog. As soon you have uploaded your blog you cannot expect people to jump in and start reading. A blog takes time to get famous among people, if you actually add sensible topic people may spread the good word for you, making the task of getting visitors easier. The topic is what the readers check out first, if they fall in the loop of knowing what’s more to your blog, you in business. Websites and blogs can also get popular in a short time, the key to their success is using smart and sensible writing.

Tips to attracting visitors

If you use the following techniques that has been mentioned, you can expect to get many users in a short span of time. How can you do this ??

  1. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Techniques

This is basically playing smart with the words you use in your blog. Put yourself in a reader’s position and imagine what you would type in that search box, to search for the article you writing. The words that come in your mind should be written down in a book, and gradually you should funnel out your options to only 5 words. These words are basically keywords.

  1. Social Bookmarking

Around 60 percent of the internet users are hooked up to social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Google+, etc. Hitting these people would be a smart move, as these people do like and share stuff on their profiles, making your blog or article spread to people like wild fire.

  1. Indexing

This is basically letting the search engine know that the page you have written exists. They do send in robots, to have a quick view of your content, and the only thing these robots do is have a look at the keywords you have provided, and count how many times you have added these words in your article. Over stuffing them with too many keywords too is not a good idea, as the content of your page would become an insensible one. Using you keyword twice or thrice is good enough.

  1. Linking

This step is basically allowing other websites to borrow your visitors and they vice versa do the same for you.  Link building is a quick way to attract several visitors from all over the world. More the links, more famous your blog, as it means many people are talking about your blog.

  1. Directory Submission

Many people around the world, use directories instead of search engines, directing them to exactly what they are looking for. So submitting your blog to such directories seem to be beneficial in adding a few extra visitors to your blog.

Can I Make Money Through Blogging ?

The next thing that comes in to mind, is why am I actually blogging ?? The answer to that is, to earn money. Yes you can earn money through your blogs. All you have to do, is add advertisements provided by an ad provider, and for each click or every million clicks, you will be paid a specific amount. This is possible only if you have more visitors visiting your blog. You have various ad providers in the market like Google Adesne, Chitika, Infolinks and many more that actually pay.

It is important, that you blog for the fun of it, money will keep flowing in to your bank account as long as you keep this attitude. But if you blogging for money, you tend to get over desperate, and in the long run it may hit you back hard. All you have to do in this blogging world, is play smart and enjoy what you are doing.

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