7+ Facebook Applications I Love

Facebook is a popular networking site that helps family members, friends and business associates to connect with each other. Today, it is one of the largest networking sites in the market. It started as a college networking site and to date it has expanded to include everybody. Facebook was established in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and it was originally known as the Facebook. The site became very popular on campus and Mark was forced to recruit two students Chris Hughes and Duston Moskovitz to help in managing the site. Within a few months, the site had become a nationwide college website.

Today, most people have put Facebooking as their daily routine and for some people it has become an addiction. On this site, users do not only check what is happening to their friends through their update status, videos and photos which have been uploaded, there are so many applications that they enjoy using. The applications on the site are what is making the site popular. There are so many applications on Facebook which have been created for productivity and fun. There are also applications which are useful to writers, designers and developers. Below are some of the most popular Facebook applications that I adore.


This application is just like an online Photoshop. It is important because it helps users to edit and design free of charge without installing it. If you want to use it follow this procedure. Create a blank image from the clipboard, then open the image from your computer, sign up and then edit images which you have saved on your Facebook account. After editing the images, add filters like in Photoshop. Then edit adjustments such as levels, brightness, curves, contrast and saturation.


This application is an online photo editor that helps to make photos look amazing. It also provides premium account. The account is available for $24 dollars for one year and gives access to a lot of amazing stuff that you will adore. With the account, it is possible to use all the effects, preview new features and you are going to get premium support. Some of the features that you can find in this application include red eye fixing, rotating photos, cropping, editing photos of your friends, tagging friends on photos which you have edited and posting photos on your page.


This application is different from the others because it is a fun application. It helps users to create graffiti that you will send to your friends. It is even possible to post Graffiti which you have created on your wall.

Pekay’s little author

With this app you can be able to create a storybook using the application. You can also be able to share stories or messages which you have and share them with your friends on Facebook using the application. What you need to do is to drag and then drop. Something unique about the software is that you can be able to delete, browse and manage your storybook. You can also be able to save more than one hundred storybooks.

Networked blogs

This application is important, especially to bloggers because it helps to promote a blog on Facebook. There are directory of blogs which have been categorized in different topics as well as the locations. The benefit of this app is that it helps bloggers to connect with others, to write articles that are based on the subject that you adore, rate your articles, importing blog feed to your profile and following blogs which have been registered.


This a web host application where users can be able to upload various types of files and Divshare is going to host them free of charge forever. The benefit of this app is that you can be able to upload videos and photos. You can also be able to share files which you have uploaded on Facebook. You can also send files which you have uploaded to your friends and post them on your wall.

Slide Share

Slide Share is a type of application that helps you to share all the presentations that you have on your Facebook account. Using the application you can be able to share all your presentation and documents on Facebook like resumes, lesson plans and portfolios. You can also be able to upload different type of presentation and documents which have these extensions DOC, PPT, PDF, DOCX and iWork pages.

Builder Application

This app is unique because it helps you to come up with your own Facebook application without knowledge of any programming language. There are various types of applications that you can create like video application, game application, album application, the status updater application and friend interview application.

Users who are new to Facebook and they want to search for friends, they can do this by typing the email address, campus and school of the person they are searching by typing the details on the location to search. When you become friends with somebody on Facebook, you are going to be able to see the person profile and contact details. An email notification helps the user to know when a friend has added you to his list or if somebody has sent a message to the system.

One of the most popular features found on Facebook is ability of sharing photos which have been uploaded from a camera, phone and hard drive. Groups which have been created by the users and include anything from interests to hobbies can be public and available to everybody. This means that it’s only people who have been invited to join the group can view the discussions. Apart from that users can become fans of movies, people, television shows and musicians. Users can also share news stories. Most news websites are equipped with buttons that users can click to share their story or video. The person who shares can make comments about the item which has been shared. There are so many applications that you can add to a profile. Facebook applications are created by people who are outside Facebook employment and they are known as developers.

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