7 Best Domain Name Extensions

A domain name refers to the phrase or word that is used by internet users in order to locate a website.  It features a prefix in the form of www for World Wide Web, a name for the website and a domain name extension at the end to define which type of a website it is.  These three parts of the domain name are separated by dots.  An example of a domain name or web address would be www.mywebsite.com. In this case, the “.com” is the domain name extension.

There is a wide range of domain name extensions, which are currently being used on the internet.  These extensions define the nature of the website represented. Websites available on the internet are of a diverse nature.   They can either be commercial, education related, charity organization, governmental, technological or of any other type that you can think. If you have been using the internet for quite some time now, you might be able to distinguish between websites by looking at their domain name extensions. Let us now have a look at some of the most popular domain extensions


This refers to an ending of a web address to an internet website that is all about the World Wide Web. Such a website is entirely dedicated to educating people about the World Wide Web and the internet in general. So, if you ever come across such an extension, you will definitely get to know what it all means.


This is a top level domain name extension for organizational websites on the internet.  These can be governmental or non-governmental organizations.  Websites that are linked to offering service to people normally have this type of an extension. This includes companies that offer humanitarian aid in different parts of the world.


This extension is commonly used to define internet administrative sites. It is a top-level domain name and such some sub categories might come after the website name.  Of course it depends on the nature of the website. However, if its main role is to oversee the administration of internet services and products, this is the extension to look out for.


Commonly pronounced as “dot com”, this is definitely the most common domain name extension being used on the internet today.  Just as it implies, it is used mainly for commercial websites on the internet.  So, any internet stores or websites that deal with the selling and buying of goods and services are expected to have this sort of an extension.


This one is an extension used for most educational websites.  It is easier to understand this once you check out the domain name.  Many colleges and universities use this sort of an extension just to ensure you get to understand their business inclination.


This one depicts a domain name extension for a business website.  Companies in the United States love to use this extension as opposed to the .COM extension. Basically, it all depends with the webmaster and site owner but it all works anyway.


Last but not least, this domain extension is only used by US government websites available on the internet.  No other country is allowed to make use of such an extension.

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