5+ WordPress Plugins I Use And Why

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging software in the market and has been around since 2003. For non blogging sites, it has become the content management software. More WordPress websites do not begin to shine until the owners of the website start to add Plugins so that they can improve the website performance and functionality. Finding Plugins can be compared to looking for a theme. It is possible to locate them within your WordPress dashboard. Choose add new from the Plugins module. Apart from finding Plugins on your dashboard, it is possible to perform searches on WordPress. Org. Click on extend and then Plugins. Anything that you are going to get there will have to be downloaded on your computer and then install.

Plugins which have been downloaded from WordPress. Org or any other website, you will have to upload them to your blog. If you would like to upload through FTP, you can always be uploading your Plugins which you have downloaded with an FTP client. But, first you have to decompress the folder and then upload the Plugin. WordPress is equipped with a database of more than 26,000 Plugins each one of them provides custom functions and features that help users to be able to tailor their websites for certain needs.  Customization ranges from SEO to client portals which are used in displaying personal information to users.

After you have some Plugins installed, it is possible to view and manage them through choosing installed from the Plugins module on your dashboard. The Plugins which have been installed will show a list of Plugins that are based on the selection that you are going to make from row of links that are top of the list. Here is a list of WordPress Plugins I use and the reasons why I prefer to use them.

Blog statistics

The benefit of this WordPress Plugin is that, it makes it easy to add Google analytics using extra search engines and downloading tracks to your WordPress blog. WordPress.com usually tracks views, clicks, page views and referrers. For this Plugin to function, it needs a wordpress.com key.

Blog Security Plugin

This is the ultimate security Plugin that will take your WordPress website security to a new level.

RSS subscription related

This Plugin helps in detecting all the ways of accessing your WordPress feeds and then directs them to your feed burner so that you can be able to track every subscriber. It helps readers to be able to subscribe to your blog using any type of feed reader.

Contact forms related

A contact form can be able to manage multiple contact forms besides that you can be able to customize the form and main contents flexibly. The form supports Akismet spam filtering and CAPTCHA. The most popular and flexible contact form is the cforms. It is possible to build and then publish your WordPress forms within minutes.

WP easy PayPal payment accepts

This is one of the easiest WordPress Plugin to use. It accepts PayPal payments and donation. It allows users to sell their products on the internet.

WP affiliate platform

This Plugin is essential because it helps you to run your affiliate campaign program and gives you a chance to reward your affiliates for the referred sales.

Most of the time Plugin developers, usually release a new version of their code and it is carried out in order to add new features and other times it is done to fix a bug or to improve security. Plugins require updating in a few ways. When you log in to your dashboard, an orange circle is going to appear with a number inside. This number helps in showing how many Plugins that have an upgrade available. In case you have multiple Plugins that need to be upgraded; it is best to upgrade them in batches of around ten.  On the tools module, choose upgrade.

WordPress Plugins have been designed to accomplish various tasks. There are some which are going to have options that need to be configured before they start to function well. The entire process of configuring a Plugin is up to the Plugins creator. The settings page can appear in different places, therefore if you are not sure where to configure the Plugin check on the dashboard the setting module and tools module.

One thing about WordPress is that it is browser based. Users can be able to log in from any computer that is connected to the internet and manage the website. It does not require HTML editing software like Dreamweaver because it is a self contained system. It is possible to either create a new page or blog, upload documents, image galleries without using any HTML software. The code that is behind WordPress is simple and clean. This makes it easier for search engines to read and be able to index any website content. Every page, image and post have its own meta tag, title and description. You can use the tags to improve all your search engine efforts. There is no waiting any more for your web designer to make updates on your site. Using WordPress you will be in a good position to control all the aspects of your website and you can be able to make the updates yourself. WordPress acts as the engine on your site.

WordPress was created as a blogging platform, blogging capabilities have been built in and they are easy to integrate. One thing about WordPress websites is that they are scalable, it is possible to have thousands of pages and blog posts on your site. It is even possible to set up multiple users of the website and be able to assign capabilities to every user.

WordPress is great because it offers limitless possibilities for people who are new into blogging and for veterans. It is flexible and adaptable to any type of situation. The only downfall of WordPress is that it comes with a learning curve depending on what you are planning to do.

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