All about Wi-Fi TV – Entertainment taken to the next level

Technology keeps on evolving everyday with more and more people thinking of ways to make life easier for mankind. The television has come a long way and has really changed a lot since the early years of TV entertainment where the ancient television looks just like a cabinet with a monitor. During those times, people have a hard time navigating the television because they do not have any remote control during that time and people were limited to a few number of channels because most ancient televisions can only handle about nine channels.

Today, the television is the definition of entertainment. Whenever people want entertainment so that they can get rid of the boring weekend, they sit in front of the television and watch TV shows for hours on end. The joy of TV viewing has been made easier with the invention of the remote control and you can see modern televisions today even have motion sensors where you can control the TV using your hand.  Newly released models of televisions today are known as the Wifi TV, has the capability to connect to the internet and use the television as the interface.

Wifi TV and how it works?

Wi-Fi televisions incorporate three types of technology to use. These are codependent features that allow more integration which can then cater to the needs of a larger clientele. There are a lot of options that you can get from purchasing a Wi-Fi television. For one, all Wi-Fi TVs today are all in HD or high definition meaning you can enjoy high definition entertainment and see crystal clear and crisp images on the screen. Also most TVs today have a smart control system that allows you to control the television using hand swipes and push. TVs today function just like a computer monitor where you can change the resolution and adjust the settings of the screen so that you can get the right color and quality for your television viewing.  Apart from being able to watch movies and television series, you can also use your Wifi TV to browse the internet and get other content such as podcasts and webcasts.

Advantages of owning a Wi-Fi television

A Wi-Fi television offers a lot of features to its user and the person watching the television is not limited to just watching TV shows and movies on his TV. By connecting your television to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot and accessing the internet, you can do a lot of other activities while you are watching television. You can search for channel lineups on the internet if for some reason you do not know how to locate the channel that you want to watch. You can also browse the internet and look for channel schedules to see if there are any good programming that are being shown right now or later on. If you are into social networking, then you can also go and use Facebook while you are searching for channels and keep your friends and family updated on your current status while you are enjoying a good movie.

Wi-Fi televisions also can be a good pair if you have a video game console you want to connect.  Your gaming experience will be enhanced while you play with your favorite games. You can also browse the internet and access Facebook and make status updates if you had just gotten a high score or you just finished a game and you want to brag with your friends about you finishing the game before they do.

Types of Wi-Fi televisions

There are a lot of companies who sell Wi-Fi TV’s to consumers. These televisions come in different sizes. You can get a Wifi TV from a 32 inch screen size and there are some TV’s that have screen sizes as large as 55 inches. Screens also vary depending on which type of TV you purchased. There are three main types of TV screens and these are LCD, LED or plasma.  The most popular TV screen that most people tend to purchase as of the moment is an LCD Television. Most people prefer to purchase a Wi-FI television with an LCD screen because the lifespan of the LCD usually beats both LED and plasma screens. Depending on the brand, some Wi-Fi televisions might be more expensive than others so it is important that you get your Wifi TV from a trusted brand.

Setting up your Wi-Fi television

If you decided to purchase a Wi-Fi TV then the next step in enjoying brand new television is to set it up so that you can use it right away. You can choose to either place your TV in a television table or you can mount it on your wall. Some people prefer to just place their televisions on a table because it can be easy for them to access the sockets on the back of the television and at the same time it also makes it easier for them to clean the television.

Once you have placed your television in the ideal place, you will now test the connection of your television. Make sure that your internet connection is working and that your Wi-Fi hotspot is operational. If you encounter any problems with connectivity, it might be that your Wi-Fi router is off or you are having connection problems with your internet service provider.

Once you have connected your TV to your Wi-Fi network, there is usually a setup wizard that is going to appear on the TV screen to guide you to connecting your television to the internet. Depending on the brand of the television, some might have setup wizards while some might not have.

You can also use any other devices on your Wi-Fi television as well as long as they also have a Wi-Fi feature. You can use your mobile phone to connect to your TV and access the pictures stored there and you can also listen to music or watch videos from the device that you connected to your television.

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