5 WordPress Video Plugins for Sleek Video Integration

There is no doubt that video content rules at the moment and it has become a must for every website. You can provide your site’s users with the best video experience with the right WordPress video plugin. Each of them has unique features and capabilities to offer.

Smart YouTube Pro

This is certainly the top pick when it comes to getting a WordPress video plugin. Its name shouldn’t fool you. It supports not only YouTube videos but also content from all of the most popular video portals like Vimeo and Metacafe. It lets you embed videos from Facebook as well. It works with the latest HD protocols so the quality is guaranteed. You can embed YouTube playlists, extract video thumbnails and use deep linking and auto play videos. Now the plugin works on portable Apple devices so the videos on your site are guaranteed to generate more traffic.

WP Video Lightbox

This tool is really simple but highly useful. That is why it has found its way into this list. It displays an image as a lightbox and when the user clicks on it, the video starts playing. That way, the user can see a fun snapshot and click on the video right away while the entire page will look more stylish and inviting. This tool is really simple and easy to use so you should definitely take advantage of it.

Viper’s Video Quicktags

This WordPress video plugin makes the posting of this type of content a breeze. It allows you to make the display of videos on your website much more attractive and much more functional as well. You can easily select the dimensions of the video posting and the color of the frame which goes around it. Another great advantage is that the content will stay XHTML valid without any tweaking. The tool works with video content from all popular portals. It will save you lots of time and effort and help you improve your website in more ways than one.

JW Player

This plugin is highly useful because it supports HTML5 and Flash content as well. It will help you use even more content and make the sire even more enjoyable to its visitors. This tool syncs fully with the WP Media Manager so you can set it up with ease and start using it right away. The player has great functionality. You can easily create playlists and manage them effectively so that the site’s users get the best content every time they decide to pay a visit.

WP Video SEO

You will benefit greatly from this plugin as it allows you to optimize your website for video searches. With it, you can have your videos get top rankings in the search result pages and enjoy a great traffic boost. The first job of this tool is to create a sitemap of all the videos on your website. That way, it can display the thumbnails of videos in search engines together with the post’s title and description.

It’s easy to have the best website when you use the best WordPress video plugin.

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