7 Superb WordPress Twitter Plugins for Making Your Website More Social

If you want the users of your WP website to be constantly updated on what is going on, you will need a WordPress Twitter plugin. It will certainly approve your communication with users and generate even more traffic. You just need to choose the right tool or tools for the job.

WP to Twitter

This WordPress Twitter plugin is one of the most widely used and one of the top rated as well. It allows you to post tweets directly from your WP website. You can use it for displaying tweets on your site as well. You can even create such short messages using a template. You will also get Google Analytic support. It’s simple and it works perfectly.

Twitter Tools

This is a highly comprehensive plugin. It allows you to connect your website to a number of different accounts on this social network and archive the tweets. You will be able to announce each of your posts with a tweet and create posts based on tweets as well.

Twitter Widget Pro

This tool allows you to organize and display tweets in the way that you prefer easily and quickly. It can display messages plus profile information, time and date and how long ago they were posted. You have full control over the settings for maximum flexibility.

Rotating Tweets

You can integrate Twitter in a great way using this simple WordPress Twitter plugin. Its job is to rotate your tweets. Basically, it is showing one tweet at the time. You can display other people’s tweets in the same way as well. It is highly customizable and supports a number of different languages.

Bestwebsoft Twitter Plugin

This is a super simple tool for adding Twitter to your website. You can install a Follow button and a Like button in seconds and you will get seamless integration. This is a great easy way to integrate your WP website with this social network.

Twitter Mentions as Comments

The job of this tool is to scan the social network, identify tweets about your website and integrate them into it as comments. It adds the user’s name and profile photo to the comment as well. It works completely automatically. You can really improve your site with this great plugin.

Kebo Twitter Feed

This is another great basic tool for displaying tweets on your website. It is easy to use and you can customize the display completely. One of its major advantages is that it is quite light and fast. It will not have an adverse effect on the speed of your website in any way.

When getting a WordPress Twitter plugin, you need to ensure that it is compatible with your WP version and up to date as well. From then on, you can download it, set it up and start using it straight away.

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