The Best 5 WordPress Translation Plugins for Making Your Website Multilingual

One of the best ways to attract larger audience is to make your WP website multilingual. This will be easy with the right WordPress translation plugin. You can select from a wide variety of options which can be a bit overwhelming. It is much easier to focus your attention on the most widely used and top rated solutions and make a choice between them. Here are the top 5 picks worth your attention.

1. Transposh WordPress Translation

This WordPress translation plugin enjoys great popularity and a very high rating. This is not surprising given that it supports some 67 languages and provides automatic translation plus the opportunity for using professional human translation. Even the users on your website can assist with the translation for further content improvement. Some of the most attractive features of the program include different options for automatic translation including Google Translate, automatic translation for both post and comment content and Buddypress integration.

2. qTranslation

Millions of WP website owners use this translation tool. It supports a huge number of languages and provides automatic plus professional human translation. You can create content in multiple languages easily and quickly just by opening tabs. The plugin is simple to set up and to use. It is quite speedy as well.

3. xili-language

You will like this tool for its high functionality and simplicity. It provides automatic translation to multiple languages which is available on demand. With it, you can create multilingual content easily and quickly. One of the really great things is that it doesn’t create extra tables in your database so it should not cause any slowdown. It boasts with very friendly personal support service as well.

4. GTS Translation

This WordPress translation plugin supports over 30 languages. The translation is performed by the developer via their server and you can rest assured that the quality is quite good. You can edit the translation, of course. The multilingual content is integrated into the database of your website so that you can capture leads searching for your keywords in different languages. This is certainly a huge benefit to have, especially given the fact that it does not have an adverse effect on the page loading speed.

5. Stella

This is one of the newest additions to the translation plugins, but it is becoming more extensively used and has received some superb reviews. With it, you can easily create a website in multiple languages. The preferred language version appears automatically when the user clicks on the respective button. It is easy to set up and to use. You will certainly attract a large international audience with it.

The choice of a WordPress translation plugin is a totally personal one. It is up to you to decide how you can enhance the experience of local and international users. No matter which program you choose, you have to ensure that it provides the utmost user satisfaction.

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