5 Best WordPress Survey Plugins for Visitor Feedback

It is a fact that surveys are a great way to grab the attention of website visitors and to keep them engaged. With the right WordPress survey plugin, you will not only make your website more attractive and fun but will gather valuable data on visitors and on the products that you are selling, if any. You can select from a variety of tools for polls. Check out the top 5 ones.

1. Feedweb

At present, this is the most popular and the highest rated WordPress survey plugin. It allows you to create custom survey widgets of all kinds and to embed them into webpage content easily and quickly. You get to store the gathered data and the opportunity to use it as you like in the future. A major advantage of this tool is the membership in the Feedweb Research Network which allows you to get useful insight and feedback.

2. Social Polls by OpinionStage

This plugin takes surveys to a whole new level because it allows you to integrate them with the social networks. You can create all kinds of polls and run them on your website and on your Facebook page as well. The best thing is that you can filter the results based on demographics and on different social factors. This will give you top quality data on the visitors to your website. This is an invaluable tool for marketing as it allows you to run customer-focused campaigns.

3. WordPress Simple Survey

This tool allows you to create surveys, polls and questionnaires. The jQuery software used allows you to create interactive fields without the need for page reloading and receive data via email. These are huge advantages to have. The tool allows you to store data and to analyze it with the click of a button.

4. Skysa Polls App

This WordPress survey plugin boasts with great sophistication and functionality. You can customize polls completely and integrate them easily into the content. One major advantage is that you can use an Ajax window in each poll. You can run multiple polls together. Other great features which you will get include poll display and voting, voting history and auto pop up of polls.

5. YOP Poll

This tool enjoys popularity thanks to its simple yet comprehensive features, the great graphics and the fact that it is super easy to use. You can create all kinds of polls to get the opinion of the visitors to your website. You can schedule them, view them and store the answers and the results.

You can choose any one of these great tools. They are all attractive, perfectly interactive, highly functional and easy to use. With a top WordPress survey plugin you will always know what your site’s users are thinking and how you can give them what they want.

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